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Moving to Canada – What You Need to Know

Moving to Canada

So, you are moving to Canada!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Canada we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

Expat Mental Health

Expat Mental Health Challenges (And How to Deal with Them)

  Every expat knows that living abroad can be challenging at times. There are many instances when expats are asking themselves if they’ve made the right decision when moving to a different country far from friends and family.  You can always make new friends but there’s only one family. The COVID-19 pandemic made life even…

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The Fundamentals Of Integrating Newcomers Into Ontario’s Economy

  Immigration is undeniably a crucial contributor to both the size and diversity of Ontario’s workforce. And nowadays, it’s just becoming more and more significant as the number of immigrants continues to increase. In fact, the Ontario Ministry of Finance forecasted that in the following 25 years, immigration could account for the most significant part…

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poor indoor air quality

Can Poor Indoor Air Quality Increase Asthma Attacks?

  With many expats living in locations with increasing levels of pollution and poor indoor air quality what is the impact on health and the likelihood of suffering from asthma?  We look at the causes and what you can do to reduce the risk.       Written exclusively for Expat Network by Livia Neistat,…

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flying while pregnant

6 Tips To Stay Safe When Flying While Pregnant

  The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its impact on different parts of the world continue to flood our news and social media. You’re probably wondering how COVID-19 could affect your loved ones, especially if you have a young baby or are currently pregnant. On top of that, if you have travel plans coming up, you…

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moving to Canada

Why Moving To Canada Is So Appealing And How To Make It Happen

Moving to Canada is popular with many Brits with its political and historical ties to the UK along with the climate and landscape.  Not even the coldest of winters when temperatures can plummet to –40° seem able to deter Brits in search of a new life. It offers an outdoor lifestyle as well as several…

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CanadianVisa.org Review: Simplify Your Canadian Immigration

CanadianVisa.org Review: Simplify Your Canadian Immigration

CanadianVisa.org is a certified Canadian visa agency that provides professional services to international clients who want to apply for their Canadian visas to work, study or immigrate to Canada.    Canada isn’t simply another immigration destination. For thousands of people around the world, pursuing Canadian immigration means better job and economic opportunities, free access to…

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mental health

Impact Of Taking On An International Assignment On Mental Health

A major new piece of research* by AXA Global Healthcare has shed light on the impact that working on an international business assignment has upon mental health. Of the 500 international workers who were surveyed in seven different countries, just one-in-ten (10%) said that working abroad has had a negative impact on their mental health….

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how to stop worrying

How To Stop Worrying And Feel Better As An Expat

Are you worried? Are you feeling lonely? Do you work elsewhere and already miss your loved ones? You are not alone. People worry all the time; it is only human to worry. However, if not regulated, mild worrying can easily transition to chronic worrying and eventually cause panic disorder, anxiety, and depression, especially if you…

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screen time

3 In 4 Agree Restricting Screen Time At Work Would Benefit Their Wellbeing

With more employees currently working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, workers are now more reliant on technology than ever before according to a recent report. The report explores how the use of technology was impacting employee well-being before the pandemic began and reveals how we can make adjustments to our relationship with digital…

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fit and healthy

How Expats Can Stay Fit And Healthy At Home

As expats across the globe continue to be isolated in their homes, keeping up with physical fitness is quickly becoming an overwhelming concern, especially for those who are used to regularly visiting the gym and enjoy staying active. Exercise is not only important for physical fitness, however. Getting your heart pumping is also extremely beneficial…

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