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Economic Uncertainties Hit Sterling

  Sterling has been really feeling the pressure over the last 4 weeks with inflation topping 7%, supply chain issues and an economy struggling for growth all contributing to Sterling falling to a 18 month low against the USD and heading to a similar fate against the single currency.         Written exclusively for Expat Net ...

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Situation In Ukraine Causes Volatile Global Currency Markets

  With the world gripped by the terrible situation unfolding in Ukraine, it is no surprise that the global currency markets have had a volatile couple of weeks. Much of the movement is about risk management and as a result the US Dollar, which is typically the global go-to safe-haven currency has been the main winner of the various majors, making gains of 2 cents against the Pound and 4 cents ...

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Euro Gains Ground On Interest Rise Expectation

  The start of 2022 was not all that volatile on the currency markets. We began the year with the US Dollar very much in the driving seat out of the major currencies, having pushed both the Euro and Pound right back down to lows not seen since 2020.         However last week the Euro gained significant ground against both the Pound and the Dollar, after the ECB struck a su ...

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Covid Back To The Fore In Forex Markets

  With a new Covid variant once more impacting global economies Currency Index give their monthly update on the foreign exchange markets.   Written exclusively for Expat Network by Tom Arnold of Currency Index     The last month has had a now all to familiar feel to it, with the global currency markets once again coming to terms with a new Covid variant and the resulting increa ...

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Top Tips For Managing Currency Risks When Retiring Abroad

Retiring to a life overseas, comes with many important considerations, not least of all how to manage the exchange and international transfer of your money, be it accumulated savings or ongoing income. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Tom Arnold of Currency Index   There are various options open to you in terms of the organisation you decide to use, be it your bank, a currency broker ...

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Volatility On The Currency Markets

  The last couple of months on the currency markets have been fairly static with all of the major currencies trading within fairly tight ranges. The winners were the US Dollar and the Pound, with the Euro struggling against both. In the last few days however there has been a surge of volatility, with some key economic announcements moving the markets.     In the UK the Bank of Engla ...

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Forex Market Update: Rollercoaster Journey For Sterling

  Currency Index give their monthly update on the forex market. Over the last month, the pound has been on a bit of a rollercoaster journey, seeing us challenge a 7-month low two weeks ago against the Euro and the US Dollar, but ending last week with pressure on a 19-month high against the Euro.     This is perhaps a surprising turn of events for Sterling when reading recent press c ...

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Holiday Time In The August Forex Market

August is often a month of relative calm on the currency markets, with “thin trading”, i.e. less volume transacted, coming as a result of the summer holiday period. In Europe, the normally hectic holiday property market grinds to a halt as lawyers head for the beaches themselves, rather than working on other peoples’ dream moves to the sun. This is reflected around the world with many markets also ...

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Currency Markets Stuck In Limbo

  Currency Index provide their monthly currency update and report that the last month on the currency markets has been something of a continuation of the previous couple of months.  The majority of the major currencies have been stuck in limbo, pending further opening of the world’s economies from Covid restrictions.       Written exclusively for Expat Network by Tom Arnold of  ...

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Sterling Trading In A Tight Range – Election Results May Impact Rates

  The pound has held steady over the last month, seeing it trade within a tight range. After the gains made in Q1 this year on the back of a strong vaccination program in the UK, the recent resurgence of the EU’s own program has seen those gains clawed back, seeing GBP-EUR trade within a tight 1 cent range.       The UK economy could see its fastest growth for over 70 years acc ...

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