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Finance For Expats 

Get the information and support you need to manage your finances while living abroadd.

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Finance for Expats Webinars 

There are many attractions to living and working abroad including broadening your international experience as well as enjoying a different lifestyle.  For many it is a time when you are at your peak earning power. Building your wealth while working abroad provides many opportunities but also involves complexities and cross-jurisdictional issues that are not faced by people who pursue their careers in their domestic market.

Expat Network ran a webinar series, Finance For Expats, in November 2023 to bring together a range of specialists and experts to take you through the opportunities and issues that need to be addressed by people planning to or currently living and working abroad. The webinars have been recorded and the recordings are available on YouTube. To watch these recordings you need to register above and a link will be sent to you.

1: Investment Guidance & Considerations for Expats in the US

Are you an expat living in the US or considering a move there? This webinar will offer insights and guidance for a smooth transition and will explore the opportunities and challenges of investing in the US market.

Learn about investment options, tax implications, retirement strategies and how to navigate the complexities of international investing. Whether you’re a seasoned investor or just getting started, this webinar will equip you with the knowledge and strategies to make informed decisions.

Speaker: Robert Hoey, Independent Financial Advisor, SJB Global

Recording available (register above)

2: Retiring In Europe? How To Plan Your Retirement Effectively

The webinar will provide and insight into investing in Europe for expats and will be focused on retirement planning, reviewing existing retirement provisions, including UK and US pensions, as well as compliant investment solutions for residents of the EU. Attendees will have the opportunity to learn about the current investment climate in Europe, as well as the specific opportunities and challenges that come with investing in this region. It will also cover tax implications, investment strategies, and risk management.Whether you are a current expat living in Europe or planning to move there in the future, this webinar will help you make informed decisions about your retirement planning and investment portfolio.

Speaker: Randal Stephens, Independent Financial Advisor, SJB Global

Recording available (register above)

3: Navigating the Complexities of US Expat Taxes

Living the expat life but tangled up in US tax intricacies?

We simplify US tax requirements for expats, so you can enjoy your global journey without the tax hassle. Gain a clear grasp of the latest US tax updates affecting Americans abroad, including filing deadlines, essential forms, expat-specific tax credits, and solutions for handling back taxes.

Speakers: Specialist CPA, Greenback Expat Tax Services

Recording available (register above)

4: Maximize Returns: Expert US Real Estate Financing Strategies

Dive into the world of US real estate like a pro! Our webinar is tailor-made for savvy British and global investors hungry for success. Discover insider secrets to effortlessly secure financing for your dream property portfolio in the US. Unearth the hidden gems of the US real estate market, master investment tactics, and harness the power of leverage. Don’t miss this chance to catapult your property empire to new heights!

Speaker: Oren Smila, Head of Partnerships, Lendai

Recording available (register above)

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