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Contractors’ Options For Employment

Contractors can present themselves for employment in a number of ways, ranging from employee to offshore company director. Make sure you take the approach that suits your circumstances best. It is important to consider the structure of your relationship with companies you do business with. There are a number of options, according to accountants Forbes...

Five Things American Contractors in No-Tax Countries Need to Know

This article was written by David McKeegan from Greenback Expat Tax Services.All information was accurate as of January, 2015. Many US expats who move abroad require a means to financially support themselves and their families. For those who work overseas as contractors, this is a more flexible set up and allows more mobility for the individual...

Contractors: Beware Umbrella Company Tax Changes

Many expat contractors use umbrella companies to bill for their services to clients. But UK tax rule changes mean contractors may need to review this arrangement if there is any UK element to it. By Matt Walters The UK Chancellor’s Autumn Statement 2014 posed a number of questions for umbrella companies, with the Chancellor announcing...

Offshore Companies and Invoicing

If you are planning to set up a limited liability company (in particular an Offshore Company), have a quick run through our checklist to ensure you have got everything covered.

Salary Transfers for Contractors

There’s a lot to think about when you are working overseas, from visas, accommodation, insurance, your contract length…the list is endless. Many contractors working overseas have an added concern, which is often overlooked: how do you ensure the maximum amount of your salary gets back home to your family?