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Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

Ready To Semi-Retire To Spain? New Spanish Digital Nomad Visa

Does the idea of retiring to Spain sound just perfect to you, apart from the fact you are too young to access your pension? Do you think you could do your job from anywhere, as long as you had a desk, laptop and telephone? Then a Spanish ‘Digital Nomad’ Visa might be the answer. The…

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loneliness among remote workers

Fighting Loneliness Among Remote Workers: 7 Tips For Companies

The rise of global hiring has helped more professionals in different industries become digital nomads, people who take advantage of new technologies to offer their services while traveling the world. Although this lifestyle may seem dreamy, one of the side effects of remote work is the isolation of employees. This condition can affect their health…

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VPNs for expats and digital nomads

5 Benefits Of VPNs For Expats And Digital Nomad

A Virtual Private Network (VPN) allows the user to establish a protected network connection when accessing public networks. VPNs for expats and digital nomads help you to stay safe on unsecured Wi-Fi and allows you to bypass geo-restrictions on social media and when streaming content.  There are many providers of VPNs including Surfshark, NordVPN, Express VPN and atlasVPN. …

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The Cheapest Spanish Cities To Live In For Digital Nomads

New research has discovered the top 10 cheapest Spanish cities to live in for digital nomads, with Ávila taking the top spot. Travel experts at Why This Place analysed the average cost of several factors in each Spanish city, including rent for a 1-bedroom apartment in the city centre, utilities, groceries, and transport. The cost of…

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Spanish audiovisual sector

Spanish Audiovisual Sector – A Growing Industry In Europe

The Spanish audiovisual sector is a growing industry, promoted by the EU and Spanish Government with measures such as Spain Audiovisual Hub of Europe (includes grants and funding for audiovisual projects) and recent approval of the Audiovisual Communication and Cinema Law. In 2022, the sector saw significant growth, driven by increasing demand for Spanish-language content…

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Technology layoffs in Spain

Record Technology Layoffs In Spain. What About Foreign Employees?

The technology labor market in Spain is at a time of high demand, with over 120,000 vacancies to be filled according to data from DigitalES (software development, AI, Cloud, cybersecurity, Big Data, are some of the most prominent). Technology companies are still hiring more foreign staff, allowing Spain to consolidate as a digital talent Hub…

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Become a digital nomad family

How To Become A Digital Nomad Family

If you love traveling, you should know that many interesting career choices will help you travel the world. You could make a living while exploring new places and cultures. That sounds like a dream come true. Nevertheless, many people mistakenly think that only single people in their 20s’ have this option. It all seems slightly…

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mental health as a digital nomad

6 Ways To Support Your Mental Health As A Digital Nomad

  It’s not all beer and skittles. Yes, being a digital nomad has its perks; we can’t argue with that. “The world is your oyster” motto is unambiguous for location-independent workers. Just pick a coordinate, any. Starting anew? No strings attached – just like that. Indeed, the lifestyle is known to cause envy in 9-5…

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Working Holiday Visa

Live In A Country In EU Or Other Continents With A Working Holiday Visa

  Have you ever heard about the Working Holiday Visa? If you haven’t, from now on it will be the only thing you can think about. This Visa is the main reason behind all the gap years taken. But… what is it?       A Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is a visa that allows…

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Taxation For US Digital Nomads

A Comprehensive Guide To Taxation For US Digital Nomads

  As a digital nomad, where you pay taxes depends on your country of residence. According to United States laws, if you are an American citizen, you are still responsible for paying your self-employment tax on your income, no matter where you live. The US is one of the few countries in the world that…

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