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8 Simple Ways To Start Over In A New Country

Let’s be honest: starting over, especially in a new country, is and will always be stressful, and rightfully so. The relocation process is tiresome, and you also never know whether the country you are moving to is right for you beforehand. But does it mean you are doomed to fail at putting down roots? However challenging the relocation may be, it i ...

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Interesting Career Choices That Will Help You Travel The World

  There are endless possibilities when it comes to traveling the world. You can backpack through Europe, go scuba diving in Australia, or explore ancient ruins in South America. The options are endless and waiting for you to discover them. But what if you want to travel the world and also earn a living? Isn’t that just a pipe dream?         Not anymore! Thanks to the inter ...

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5 Benefits Of Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Living Abroad

  Suppose you have been a long-time employee working in your citizenship country wanting to venture out onto something new or you just graduated and you want to go out of your comfort zone and live the best life you could ever have- an excellent way to do this is by living abroad.       Living abroad could give you tons of options to do and experiences to try. Going out of your ...

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Basic Guideline About Facebook and Instagram Posts

  Social media has changed people’s perception of communication and interaction. Nowadays, you can’t outrun the presence of media outlets like Instagram and Facebook. Although the intent behind these social media platforms is good, some malicious individuals choose to use them to spread misinformation, hate, cyberbullying, and bigotry.     That’s why the people in charge of these pl ...

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Half Of Overseas Owners Plan To Work From Their European Holiday Homes 

50% of people buying abroad are now considering working from their European holiday homes, new research reveals.   In a survey of nearly 600 home hunters conducted by overseas property experts Your Overseas Home, half of respondents said they may work from their holiday home once they’ve found their ideal property – proof that a home working mass exodus could be on the cards.      ...

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The Ultimate Expat Guide To Starting A Travel Blog

  It can feel like everyone and their dog has a travel blog.  There are thousands of travel-focused Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube accounts as well as websites documenting travel all around the globe.   If you want to give it a go, you need to know how to go about starting a travel blog.       According to Web Tribunal, there are over 600 million blogs.  It seems like a lot, bu ...

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8 Best Beach Communities For Expats

  Moving to another country can be exciting – you have the freedom to choose the best location for your new home. This freedom comes with responsibility and it’s wise to pay close attention to these decisions. So, if you can pick a place to enjoy your work and spend time on the beach – why wouldn’t you take that opportunity? Here are the best beach communities for expats that can ...

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Top 15 Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

  Digital nomad visas are a new way to live and work remotely in a different country. Read on to discover how these visas help travelers to live and work abroad. Learn about the top digital nomad visa countries and find out where and how to apply for these countries’ digital nomad visas.       This article was written for Expat Network by Emily Cotlier of  International Citizen ...

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5 Career Options for People Who Want To Work Remotely

There are more digital nomads emerging across the world. Many companies that required employees to report in person, are now giving people the option to work remotely 100% of the time. This is a great opportunity for those who love to travel and want to become expatriates. If freelancing isn’t for you, you can still have all the benefits of working for a company, while doing your job from anywhere ...

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New Digital Nomad Visa Planned In Spain

  Technology, particularly the Cloud, and the experience of many during the pandemic has highlighted the potential for remote working and brought it into the mainstream. This increase in remote working inevitably has had means that many considering working in the sun rather than in a flat in central London or New York. The planned digital nomad visa in Spain is to facilitate this trend. ...

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