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mental health as a digital nomad

6 Ways To Support Your Mental Health As A Digital Nomad

  It’s not all beer and skittles. Yes, being a digital nomad has its perks; we can’t argue with that. “The world is your oyster” motto is unambiguous for location-independent workers. Just pick a coordinate, any. Starting anew? No strings attached – just like that. Indeed, the lifestyle is known to cause envy in 9-5…

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Working Holiday Visa

Live In A Country In EU Or Other Continents With A Working Holiday Visa

  Have you ever heard about the Working Holiday Visa? If you haven’t, from now on it will be the only thing you can think about. This Visa is the main reason behind all the gap years taken. But… what is it?       A Working Holiday Visa (WHV) is a visa that allows…

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Taxation For US Digital Nomads

A Comprehensive Guide To Taxation For US Digital Nomads

  As a digital nomad, where you pay taxes depends on your country of residence. According to United States laws, if you are an American citizen, you are still responsible for paying your self-employment tax on your income, no matter where you live. The US is one of the few countries in the world that…

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Hiring International Expat Workers

Benefits And Challenges Of Hiring International Expat Workers

The professional work environment has begun to change drastically. Nowadays, more and more workers prefer the option of working remotely. There are multiple highlighting reasons that depict the benefits of remote work for both employees and companies. However, challenges are also present and appear in certain aspects of this newly introduced work format.  Thus, the…

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digital nomad's guide to moving frequently

Digital Nomad’s Guide To Moving Frequently

  At first glance, living as a digital nomad looks like the easygoing lifestyle of dreams. The excitement of traveling and seeing the world usually draws people in. It’s a chance to build your career while also seeking personal development. The prospect of working remotely around the world is usually good for reducing boredom in…

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Expat vs Digital Nomad

Expat vs Digital Nomad: What Is Best For You?

  Advances in technology and post-pandemic shifts in working patterns have opened the world up to people who are able to do their jobs remotely. But what’s the difference between expats and digital nomads and which kind of working lifestyle would be right for you? William Russell look at the phenomenon of digital nomads and…

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Winter sun locations for digital nomads

Top 10 Winter Sun Locations For Digital Nomads

  Winter is just around the corner and with it, fewer daylight hours and colder temperatures are looming. However, if you are looking to escape the cold, or are simply wanting a change of scenery whilst you work, perhaps it’s time to consider becoming a digital nomad!  Here are 10 Winter sun locations for digital nomads….

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start over in a new country

8 Simple Ways To Start Over In A New Country

Let’s be honest: starting over, especially in a new country, is and will always be stressful, and rightfully so. The relocation process is tiresome, and you also never know whether the country you are moving to is right for you beforehand. But does it mean you are doomed to fail at putting down roots? However…

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Career Choices That Will Help You Travel The World

Interesting Career Choices That Will Help You Travel The World

  There are endless possibilities when it comes to traveling the world. You can backpack through Europe, go scuba diving in Australia, or explore ancient ruins in South America. The options are endless and waiting for you to discover them. But what if you want to travel the world and also earn a living? Isn’t…

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living abroad

5 Benefits Of Getting Out Of Your Comfort Zone And Living Abroad

  Suppose you have been a long-time employee working in your citizenship country wanting to venture out onto something new or you just graduated and you want to go out of your comfort zone and live the best life you could ever have- an excellent way to do this is by living abroad.    …

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