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Increase In Americans Moving To Portugal

  There seems to be an increase in the number of Americans deciding to move to Portugal.  Factors including increasing cost of living and a growing trend for remote working have led to a significant surge of interest from Americans buying property in Portugal       Data from Kyero.com, the leading online platform for people look ...

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Best City For Expats To Live And Work In 2022

  Online language learning platform Preply has investigated the best cities around the world for expats to move to.  Whatever your reasons for moving to a different country, it’s important to learn the basics of the native language spoken there so you can feel confident communicating with your neighbors, colleagues, lecturers, and anyone else you come into contact with on your new adventure.  ...

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Five Things To Do Before You Move To The EU

Planning a move to the EU? As Britain faces a cost of living crisis this autumn, you may be considering a move to continental Europe where the sun is warmer and your bills lower. There are five key issues that you need to understand and plan for, before thinking about renting or buying a property in the EU.     1. Visas If you are heading for the EU any visit of more than 90 days now req ...

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Celebrity Holiday Homes In Europe

  New research from overseas property experts Your Overseas Home reveals some of the most expensive celebrity holiday homes in Europe.   From looking at the holiday homes of some of the richest and most famous actors, musicians, sportspeople and businesspeople in the world, the research highlights the staggering sums these  properties could be worth, as well as the most sought after countries ...

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Getting An EU Visa Is Easy With Money In The Bank

Are you a capital-rich, but income-poor retiree? There is no need to fear the new EU visa rules, you should be able to jump the hoops easily. What are ‘sufficient financial resources’? And will you need to take out private medical insurance?       The UK’s full exit from the EU on 31 December 2020 meant the demise of freedom of movement for UK nationals in Europe. They a ...

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Burned Out Overseas – The State Of Expat Life 2022

  Cigna Global Healthcare carried out a survey to establish the current state of expat life in 2022 and the impact that the pandemic has had on expat attitudes and behaviours.  Here we publish their findings which shows a major change in many aspects of expats’ lives and their future plans.       Re-published with the agreement of Cigna Global Healthcare   The pandemic has cha ...

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The Most Popular Sports For Retirees Around The World

  For those retirees looking to lead active lifestyles and enjoy partaking in a range of indoor and outdoor sports, the new Senior Sports Report from the hearing specialists at ReSound has determined which of the 30 most developed countries in the world are the most popular and accessible to older generations in order to stay social, and keep fit and healthy.       After resear ...

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Expats Want To Work Abroad Again

  As travel restrictions end and the world fully opens back up again, employees are weighing up whether moving abroad may be the best option for their careers and improved work-life balance. While all age groups have been affected differently by the pandemic, attitudes towards working abroad and flexible working have shifted.        Small Business Prices have therefore conducted a survey to e ...

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Expats: You May Lose Your UK Bank Accounts If You Move To The EU.

Your decision to become an expat and move to, say, Spain or Portugal, may mean that you lose your UK bank accounts. Changes to financial services in the wake of Brexit, following the UK’s exit from the Single Market, mean that many UK-based banks are asking EU-resident clients to close their accounts, accounts which they may have used for many years.       “Most British expats ...

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Half Of Overseas Owners Plan To Work From Their European Holiday Homes 

50% of people buying abroad are now considering working from their European holiday homes, new research reveals.   In a survey of nearly 600 home hunters conducted by overseas property experts Your Overseas Home, half of respondents said they may work from their holiday home once they’ve found their ideal property – proof that a home working mass exodus could be on the cards.      ...

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