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How Work Environment Affects Expat Employee Engagement

  Highly engaged employees always have a positive attitude toward their employer’s goals, business context, mission, values, and corporate culture. They constantly strive to improve their performance and help their colleagues to improve as well. High levels of enthusiasm and employee efficiency make a more profitable turnover.     Ho ...

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Relocating Your Home Office Without Missing A Call

  With the work environment rapidly changing over the last few years, people are slowly realizing the importance of having a hybrid work mode where employees get to come to the office and also work from home each month, depending on the kind of work they do and the team they work in.       With offices slowly beginning to open up again, employees are busy taking calls on where ...

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Reasons Why Your Business Might Need Secretarial Services

Most people think of secretaries as women in high heels and skirts who answer phones, take dictation and make coffee. While that may have been the stereotype years ago, those days are long gone. Today’s secretaries are highly skilled professionals who can handle various tasks, from correspondence to managing a calendar to preparing reports. In fact, many businesses these days couldn’t operate with ...

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Steps To Creating A General Contracting Business 

  If you’ve been trying to decide on the best way to utilize your construction skills to create a small business career, general contracting has not only proven its profitability but enduring demand. It’s also not too difficult of a field to break into and allows you to continue doing what you love best: bringing your customers’ building expectations to life.  Here are the s ...

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Benefits And Challenges Of Hiring International Expat Workers

The professional work environment has begun to change drastically. Nowadays, more and more workers prefer the option of working remotely. There are multiple highlighting reasons that depict the benefits of remote work for both employees and companies. However, challenges are also present and appear in certain aspects of this newly introduced work format.  Thus, the question arises; how do companie ...

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Trademark Application As An Immigrant – All You Need To Know

  According to statistics, immigrants that have lived in Canada for between 10 and 30 years have higher ownership rates for privately incorporated companies than individuals born in Canada.  If you are a new immigrant and want to venture into business, you must consider registering your business’s intellectual property and making a trade market application at some point. This point can ...

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Business Ideas For People Who Want To Experiment A Little

Are you looking for business ideas that you can start on the side? Are you tired of working a job that you don’t really care about? If so, then you’re in luck. In this article, we will discuss a few business ideas that you can start without too much risk. These businesses are perfect for people who want to experiment a little before they take the plunge and start their own company. So ...

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How To Improve Your IT Services And Gain Customers’ Trust

  When it comes to information technology (IT), businesses have a lot of choices. It can be difficult to know which IT services provider is the best fit for your company. You need a provider you can trust to help you manage your networks, computers, and data securely and efficiently. In this article, we will discuss how to improve your IT services and gain customers’ trust.   ...

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HR In International Business: A Look At Some Issues And Their Solutions

  In any business, there are certain key players that are essential to its success. In international businesses, one of the most important positions in human resources. HR managers play a critical role in ensuring that the company runs smoothly and efficiently. They handle everything from recruiting and hiring new employees, to maintaining employee files and handling layoffs.     ...

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