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The Importance Of A Life Insurance Review For Expats

  You may have read that you should review your life insurance on a regular basis. If you’re living abroad, temporarily or indefinitely, a life insurance review is more important than ever. Here are ten reasons why an expat life insurance review is important.       This article was written for Expat Network by  International Cit ...

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Finding The Right International Health Insurance Company For You

Finding the right international health insurance company for you is a challenge.  There are so many companies but they do not all offer the same coverage and service.   This comprehensive guide and listing of the top international health insurance companies can help you start your research.    Review and compare available plans and be sure you select the best insurance company for you and your fam ...

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Which Are The Best International Health Insurance Providers

  Identifying which international health insurance provider will give the right options for you and any family is essential when moving abroad.  There are some excellent options from which to choose and many are very affordable, especially when compared to options in the US. But which international health insurance companies are the best fit for you?     This article was written exc ...

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The Importance Of Kidnap And Ransom Insurance

  Have you ever wondered what to do if you are suddenly kidnapped? If not, what about the importance of kidnap and ransom (K&R) insurance? In reality, the experience can be beyond terrifying, and the risk is a lot higher if you are a top executive or high-profile employee working in a kidnap-prone region of the globe.     So if you are an expat living abroad or planning a business trip ov ...

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Why Do You Need Home Insurance Right Now?

  Just bought your new home? Congratulations are in order. But, before we start the celebration, let’s talk about something important for a moment.  As a first-time home buyer, you’re likely thinking about the long term. You want this to be a place where you can raise a family. Where you can make so many great memories.     However, something can happen to where it can derail all of ...

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Securing Global Life Insurance – The Easy Way

No one really wants to deal with the matter of life insurance. That’s because it’s so often confusing, mind-numbingly dreary, and a gloomy topic. Yet for most of us, it’s difficult to be financially secure without it. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Global1Life   If you have loved ones in your care, or someone who relies on your financial support (a relative, a spouse or a child, for ...

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Cost Of An International Health Insurance Plan

Healthcare costs are rising everywhere in the world and no matter where you are living, healthcare is a priority. Some factors are unavoidable but there are ways to manage the cost of your healthcare.  International Insurance set out what impacts the costs and what decisions you can make to control the cost. Written by Joe Cronin,  President and Owner of International Citizens Insurance   How ...

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How To Ensure A Smooth Transition To Your New Home

Relocating within the same country is a challenging time in anyone’s life. Relocating to a completely new country or continent is on a whole other level. Here are some things to keep in mind as you prepare for your move abroad to make the process smoother and to mitigate any risks. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Clements Worldwide   Your Assets Moving your assets from one location to ano ...

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How To Have Peace Of Mind As An Expat

Being an expat has its benefits and can also expose you to more unknowns. What would happen if you were injured or unwell and unable to work? Clements Worldwide have compiled a quick checklist to help you in your planning and what you might need in your new home country. Don’t leave anything to chance and enjoy the great moments of being an expat. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Clements ...

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High Risk Insurance For An Increasingly Volatile World

Standard travel insurance does not generally cover you for high risk areas, such as warzones, crisis and disaster relief zones and specialist providers have developed to meet the need.  Kidnap and ransom can happen anywhere, but there are higher risks in some areas, and policies to support you and pay the ransom, if the need arises can be vital. Global business travel spend doubled in the 15 years ...

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