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Move to Portugal Webinars 2022

If you are considering a move to live, work or retire to Portugal we are here to help you make the move.   We have been running a webinar series, The Move To Portugal Virtual Roadshow, to explain the rules and help you through all of the issues that you need to consider as you plan your move.  The webinars have been recorded and are available to view.

These webinars will give you the information to plan your move and when you are ready to make the move you can join us for one of our Discovery Tours to begin or complete your search for a new home.

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At our Move To Portugal Virtual Roadshow covers the following with our panel of experts:

  • Explain the immigration and residence requirements and what you can do now to prepare your application – D7/Passive Income Visa, Golden Visa and Work Visa.
  • Give you an insight into the tax benefits available in Portugal and ensure you are aware of things you should arrange before you make the move to ensure you do not incur higher tax than you need to.
  • Give you an overview of the lifestyle in Portugal, which regions are likely to be best for you depending on what you are looking for from your new life in Portugal
  • Set out the attractions of each of the different areas of Spain to buy your dream home, how the mortgage and buying process in Spain differs from what you are used to in the UK
  • Give you an insight into the property market in Portugal and what you can do now to ensure that you hit the ground running when you are again able to visit Portugal
  • Explain how to find a suitable property to rent and what the rules are if you do not want to buy
  • Guide you through the practicalities of moving to Portugal including how to access healthcare, opening a bank account, driving in Portugal and getting set up in Portugal
  • The panel will also be available to answer any questions that you have

The webinars have now been completed.   Please register to watch the recordings of the webinars.  

1: Planning Your Move To Portugal

What are the formalities for those planning to move to Portugal. What are the options now to obtain a visa and what do you have to do to gain residence in Portugal. What are the practicalities to be addressed as you move to Portugal: accessing healthcare, driving in Portugal, banking, getting online and accessing UK TV.


Luis da Silva, MD, Property Finder Portugal

2: Buying Property in Portugal In 2022

A brief look at the different areas of Portugal and their attractions. What properties to expect at what price. An update on the current property market in Portugal. A walk through the buying and conveyancing process, financing the purchase and getting a mortgage in Portugal.


Luis da Silva, MD, Property Finder Portugal

3: Financial Planning When Moving To Portugal

An overview of the Portuguese tax system and the Non Habitual Residence Scheme. What issues do you need to address before you move to Portugal and what do you need to do to ensure you plan successfully for retirement and inheritance tax issues.


Adrian Hook, Partner, Blevins Franks Portugal

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