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Building Credit As An Expat: What You Need To Know

  There are a few things you need to know about building credit as an expat. For one, the process is different in every country. And for another, your credit score may not even be applicable in the country you’re living in. So what do you need to do to build good credit? Read on for a guide to getting started as an expat and building your credit history abroad.     Ways To Aut ...

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What Exactly Do Brokers Do And How To Find A Good One?

  Investment is an excellent way of increasing the amount of revenue you generate. If you’re new to investing, pairing up with an investment broker will serve as an asset for you and help you connect with the investment market. Investment brokers act as a bridge between investors and sellers in the market.       Are you lost and confused about brokers and don’t know how t ...

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Choosing A Cross-Jurisdictional Broker When Living As An Expat

  When you move to a new country, there are many things to take care of: getting used to the new culture, finding a job, and adjusting to the climate. One thing that is often overlooked is choosing the right cross-jurisdictional broker. This is an important decision and one that should not be taken lightly. This article will discuss some things you need to consider when choosing a cross-juris ...

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Can American Expats Get A Personal Loan While Abroad?

According to the United Nations Population Division, there are currently 2,996,223 American expats worldwide. The common reasons U.S. citizens choose to relocate include job opportunities, education, romantic relationships, and family.   Living abroad is a life-changing experience, but it can be challenging when it comes to managing finances. In addition, unexpected and blindsiding opportunities g ...

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8 Top Habits Of Financially Happy Couples

  What does it mean to be financially happy? This is a question that doesn’t have a single answer, as everyone’s definition of happiness will be different. For some people, being financially happy might mean having enough money to cover all of their basic needs without worrying about bills.         For others, it could mean being able to splurge on luxuries or ...

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Risk And Advantages Of Margin Trading

  Have you heard of the stock market crash of 1929? Did you know that unregulated margin trade was one of the main causes of the collapse? Margin trading is like bodybuilding on steroids! It’s a double-edged sword. However, while informed about its risks and advantages, a trader can use the strategy to their advantage to accumulate wealth, not just riches.       Margin tr ...

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Estate Planning For Cryptocurrencies And Other Digital Assets

Beginners and experienced investors who know how to diversify assets will have cryptocurrencies and other digital assets making up their portfolios. The digital currency’s patrons are millennials and Generation Z, who make up the most buyers. These assets are often included in estate planning to secure their futures, but many might be unaware of the tax implications and other options availab ...

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Moving Abroad: How To Settle Your Finances Before Leaving

  When you move to a new country, there is a lot to think about. How does the currency affect your wage, how often can you see your family, and do you speak the same language? If you have some debts on your record, then the money worries can soon mount up.       Today, we will help you figure out the best way to settle your debts before leaving the country. This could mean taki ...

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Expat Banking: How To Choose The Right Bank Account

  Mostly, when expats travel to another country to start a new life they only remember the need for a bank account when the cost of withdrawing their money in local currency or the charges included with conversion arises. Expat banking is an important issue to consider when moving to a new country though.       Picking The Perfect Bank Account Before making a move on opening a ...

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