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Why Learning The Language Is The Priority When Moving To A New Country

  When moving to a new country, learning the language should be your top priority. Language is the key to unlocking all of the culture and traditions of a place. It allows you to communicate with the locals, learn about their customs, and make friends. Without learning the language, you will be at a disadvantage and may find it difficult to ge ...

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7 Useful Ways To Finance Your Studies Abroad

  Studying abroad can be an amazing experience, but it can also be expensive. If you are not careful, the cost of tuition, room and board, and other associated expenses can add up quickly. That’s why it is important to explore all of your options to finance your studies abroad.         In this article, we will discuss seven different ways that you can finance your ed ...

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Top Reasons To Study Abroad

  Are you pondering the idea of doing a semester or two of your college studies overseas? Every year, large numbers of people set off to Europe, Asia, Africa, and other far-off destinations to spend a few months or an entire year to study abroad. The benefits are numerous and nearly everyone who studies overseas enjoys the experience. But, there’s a serious side to the endeavor.   ...

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Adjusting To Life As A Distance Learner

  The COVID-19 pandemic has forced many students to adapt to online learning.  It’s an educational process that allows students to perform tasks without being physically present in a classroom. It offers many benefits such as the ability to study at your own pace and enjoy flexible expat education as you can attend classes from anywhere in the world.     Some people consider o ...

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5 Reasons TEFL Is The Perfect Job For Expats

  Teaching English abroad has been a popular option for travellers for a number of years, but now more than ever it is a good time to make TEFL work for you. If you’re living in Thailand, Turkey or Tunisia, here are five reasons teaching English as a foreign language is the perfect job for expats.       Teaching English as a foreign language: no longer the backpacker’s choice For the mos ...

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Want To Study Abroad? Here’s What You Have To Do

  If you have ever dreamed of studying abroad, now is the time to take action. Studying in a foreign country can be an amazing experience that will open your eyes to new cultures and ways of thinking. This article will outline the steps that you need to take to make your dream a reality. So what are you waiting for? Start planning your study abroad adventure today.       Learn ...

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Expat Education: 6 Strategies for Successful Distance Learning

  Distance learning has for long enabled educators to reach students from far and wide. Today, it has proved to be an invaluable resource for educational institutions especially during the pandemic for both students and teachers. Moreover, distance learning comes with some positives, which is why it is a trend that is bound to continue gaining momentum.       The most notable o ...

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Ways To Travel While Paying Off Your Student Loan

  Once you’re finished with school and out in the real world, you may feel like your vast student loan debt is holding you back instead of opening up opportunities. Now, you must work to steadily pay the debt down to avoid creating even more debt in excess interest and fees. You may think you don’t have the time or finances to travel and enjoy life, but there are ways to pay off y ...

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How Expat Parents Can Plan For Their Children’s Higher Education?

  Expats usually have one problem in common and that is not being available for their families especially their children. Giving your child the best education is the best gift you can give them. Education is the key to great opportunities. The skill sets with access to competent mentors can help to shape your child’s future.       While making it a top priority to give your chi ...

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Which Countries Are Most Popular For Study Abroad?

  Research from financial services provider, Remitly, into where students from each country are looking to study abroad.  Top spot Canada was favoured by 36 countries in total, followed by Spain (13) and England (10).  The research also revealed Harvard as the most searched for university in the world, followed by the University of California and University of Oxford     Financial s ...

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3 Tips For U.S. Expatriates Coming Home For College

  Many American students who have spent their high school years abroad plan on returning home to attend college. The process really shouldn’t be significantly different than it is for students based in the U.S. but there are a few things the expatriate student needs to think about ahead of time. It is important to start this process early in your high school career to make sure you have ...

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How Expats Can Prepare Their Children For Higher Education And Life Career

  The current situation in the outside world is poor. Therefore, most families in search of a better life go abroad for permanent residence. It may not be difficult for parents to find a job and start living anew, but the children who need to be prepared for education and career choices are the most affected by the move.     Social adaptation The adaptation of children of emigrants ...

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How To Get Started Teaching English Abroad If You Have No Experience

  Teaching English abroad may take you all over the world while saving you — and rewarding you — thousands of dollars. In four easy steps, here is how you can land a job teaching in another country.         Teaching English in another nation is an easy way to travel the globe without having to save thousands of dollars or have years of experience as a teacher. All you need ...

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Parenting Styles From Around The World

Parenting styles often come under scrutiny in modern cultures. There are many different resources and methods for every element of parenting, from toilet training to schooling, making it difficult to know the best way to bring up your little one. Plus, with plenty of well-meaning (and some more critical) people waiting to give their opinion on your choices, finding the right parenting style to sui ...

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5 Steps To High Earnings As An Overseas English Tutor Or Nanny

  Believe it or not, it’s true. A first rate nanny, tutor or governess job can pay you up to £1500 per week, as well as allowing you to work and travel.  If you’ve already got experience nannying or perhaps teaching TEFL in a school or a language club, that number will probably seem pretty shocking, but these types of high-salary jobs really exist.     This article was written exclusivel ...

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Online Homeschooling vs International Schools

More parents and children than ever before have discovered the benefits of online homeschooling. The once obligatory international school is increasingly being dropped by parents for a more modern and convenient option.  Although international schools are one option, these days online homeschooling is rapidly becoming the most popular choice. If ensuring an outstanding British education overseas i ...

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Moving To Europe From The UK? How Expats Can Attain High-Grade GCSEs And A-Levels

  Moving overseas with children can be stressful at the best of times, but when those children are preparing to begin their GCSE or A-Level courses, it can be even more challenging. Many expat parents are keen for their sons and daughters to attain British qualifications regardless of where in the world they are living.       Written exclusively for Expat Network by Dr. Troy Pa ...

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Moving Abroad Checklist: Learning The Local Language

    Learning the local language when you move abroad to work can be an essential requirement for many and a great way to help you integrate into the local community for all.  Here Speaketto set out the four pillars of language and give tips on how to learn a new language.       Written exclusively for Expat Network by Speaketto   As a future expat who just secured a j ...

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Learning Languages From Home

  People often recognize that being multilingual is associated with career benefits, but did you know that learning languages can also enhance your cognitive health? Too often, people graduate from school and leave foreign languages behind in the classroom. Yet, there are some surprising advantages to tackling language learning later in life, too.     As you learn a new language, yo ...

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6 Tips For Helping Your Child Adjust To School Abroad

  As a parent, you’ve probably experienced or at least thought about the anxiety surrounding your child’s first day of school. You know that you’re leaving them in good hands, but you can’t help but wonder what their experience will be. A new environment, unfamiliar faces, and tons of new information all at once seem scary even for an adult, let alone a child that is s ...

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How To Teach English In Spain As An American

  If the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has you wanting to escape in the coming months or years, teaching English in Spain could be the ticket to fulfilling your sense of adventure. Of course, moving abroad during a pandemic presents its share of challenges, but these tips will help you navigate the process from start to finish.       Written exclusively for Expat Network by Matt ...

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