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Finance for Expats Webinars 

Living and working abroad can be a great experience and for many it is a time when they are at their peak earning power. Building your wealth to enjoy the things you value most in life for yourself and your family and to ensure you have a prosperous retirement is a priority for everyone.

However, many expats live and work in several different countries; they may plan to return home to their home country to continue their careers and ultimately retirement may be in the country or region where they have worked, back home or in some sunny low-cost country elsewhere. These all give rise to a range of cross-jurisdictional issues unique to the expat lifestyle.

Expat Network has held a webinar series, Finance For Expats, to bring together a range of specialists and experts to take you through the opportunities and issues that need to be addressed by people planning to or currently living and working abroad.

The programme of recorded webinars is set out below and you can register to view these by using the link below:

1: Effective Wealth Management As An Expat

A walk through the fundamentals of good wealth management as an expat. Covering everything you need to know when moving abroad, from ISAs, bank accounts and pensions to ensuring your tax position is in order.  The webinars also covers tax-compliant investing in your new home and explains the opportunities available through offshore wealth management strategies.


Jonathan Ralph, Senior Associate, Holborn Assets

2: Spain’s Golden Visa – Investing In Property To Gain Residence Rights in Spain

Spain’s Golden Visa allows you to gain flexible residence rights in Spain when you invest in Spanish property. You only have to spend one day a year in Spain but can stay full time if you wish to become a Spanish resident. Find out how to take advantage of the scheme.


Rebeca Lino, Spanish Abogada and Alistair Barton, Founder, TBB Real Estate

3: Investing In UK property For Expats

The session outlines everything you need to know when it comes to investing in UK property from overseas. It sets out what areas of the UK have the best potential for growth and the strongest rental demand and how you can build a strong property portfolio without lifting a finger. They also explain what interest rates are available to expats and the costs involved.


Jason Swan, Senior Partner, Holborn Assets and Chris Allen, Senior Associate, Holborn Assets

4: Retiring To Europe

The webinar gives and overview of the issues to be addressed as you plan your retirement in Europe.  It will cover the financial issues to consider before moving to Europe to avoid unnecessary tax charges and manage your finances effectively.


Jason Porter, Business Development Director, Blevins Franks

5: Portugal’s Non Habitual Residence Scheme – Low and zero tax options for investment and pension income

Scheme closed at 31st December 2023


Matthew Krystman, Partner, Blevins Franks Portugal and Luis da Silva, MD of Portugal Property Finders

6: Financial Planning For British Expats in the US

The webinar will look at key financial planning issues faced by British expats in the US. We will look at the options for handling your UK private pension and the consequences of a wrong decision. It will also look at the implications of FATCA for Brits in the US who may have left behind ISA’s, investment bonds, endowment policies etc. We will also look at efficient options for Brits leaving the US to deal with their IRA accounts.


Mark James, Principal Adviser – US/UK Cross Border Services at Alexander Beard

7: Financial Planning For US Expats Living Outside The US

US expats living and working abroad face many issues to manage their investments and pensions and the session will help you to plan your finances to avoid unnecessary tax and costs. The session will look at FATCA and the risks that investments held in offshore or non-US qualified investment funds may face significant taxation. It will also look at the risks of not declaring local investment funds built up abroad and the options for handling your foreign pension fund benefit on return to America.


Melissa Eugenio, VP of Operations, Alexander Beard USA

8: U.S. Taxes for Expats – Getting and Staying in Compliance

Get up to speed on the U.S. tax filing requirements for U.S. expats with during a one-hour webinar with the experts at H&R Block. You’ll walk away understanding your filing requirements, deadlines, forms, tax credits specific to Americans abroad, and what to do if you need to get caught up on multiple years of back taxes.


Eric Scali, Region Tax Manager, H&R Block

There will be plenty of opportunities to question the experts during the webinars, but if you want to submit any questions in advance we will ensure that your question is answered.  Contact us at expats@expatnetwork.com.

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