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How To Avoid Post-Brexit Banking Issues For UK Nationals

  Now that the UK has left the EU many UK nationals living in the EU face problems retaining their UK bank accounts and have difficulties and higher transactions costs making and receiving sterling payments.  Here Monito explain the causes and potential solutions.       Economically, Brexit means that the UK has left the single ...

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I Live In Canada. Where Do I Pay Tax On My UK Pension?

One of the members of the Expat Network community asked the following question about where her UK pension will be taxed having emigrated to Canada. Richard Watts-Joyce, Partner at Global Tax Network responded to her query.   Question: “I have just submitted a request to collect my pension early from Merseyside Pension Fund of which I was member up until August 2007 having transferred a small ...

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Living Abroad – Can I Get Free NHS Healthcare When Visiting The UK?

One of our members who lives in The Philippines asked whether they could still access the services of the NHS as a British passport holder.  I have been living and working outside the UK for a number of years but plan to visit family in the UK and wanted to know whether I can make use of the services of the NHS while I am visiting the UK?   When you move abroad on a permanent basis, you are n ...

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UK Visit Limitations To Remain Non-resident For UK Tax Purposes

One of the members of the Expat Network community asked the following question about being able to visit the UK without becoming tax resident in the UK and we asked Trevor Wilkes of Trew Tax to respond to his query. I have a permanent home in the USA, where I have lived for 35 years and became a citizen 15 years ago.  I was born in the UK and maintain a property in the UK and visit there every yea ...

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What Do I Have To Do To Complete My Renunciation Of US Citizenship?

One of the members of the Expat Network community asked the following question about his duties to file to complete his renunciation of his US citizenship and we asked Greenback Expat Tax Services to respond to his query. Question: I renounced my US citizenship on January 17, 2019.  Since moving to Europe in 2010, I have been filing my tax return online each year and have e-mail confirmations of a ...

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Should I Start My Business In The US Or In Belgium?

I’m an expat who has been living abroad for seven years. As I’m married to a Belgian citizen, I’m also a Belgian resident with right to work in the EU. I would like to start my own business as a freelance copywriter but am wondering if it’s more beneficial to start a business in the US or Belgium from a tax perspective. Ines Zemelman, Founder and President, Taxes For Expats ...

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How Does The Split Year Calculation Work?

I am entitled to a split tax year. I run a property letting business outside of the country. I was resident in the UK for 21% of the tax year. Do I declare 21% of the annual net income earned to HMRC following the calculation of the year’s net profit. Trevor Wilkes, Principal of Trewtax Services responded as follows:   Split Year Treatment is not an entitlement, it is something that you ...

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Why Has My Military Pension Suddenly Reduced?

“Why has my military pension suddenly reduced? Is there anywhere I can find a definitive guide to the Taxing of expatriates’ pensions? I know there are two main categories of expatriates those that are in countries and territories that have reciprocal agreements with and those that don’t.  I know this affects if your pension is fixed or follows the UK pensions with increases.” ...

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How Can I Return To The UK To Look After My Mother Without Becoming Tax Resident?

What are the rules on UK tax residency? I am an expat and have been living out of the country for ten years. Last year my sister became terminally ill. She was the main carer for my mother but it is now impossible for her to continue. Please can you tell me what the rules are? I cannot make head nor tail of them. I want to come back and visit but I only have 27 days left and that will take me over ...

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Can I Use Split Year To Reduce My Tax Liability On Return To The UK?

We are returning to the UK after 20 years in Dubai.  My husband has taken redundancy and we were hoping that his salary plus end of service benefit was going to be received and transferred to the UK before our return, unfortunately due to the slow cancellation of Visas etc this is looking less likely.  He has secured new employment in UK starting 12/3, not sure how all this will affect our tax imp ...

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