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Best US States To Emigrate To

A new study has revealed the best states to emigrate to, with Wyoming coming out on top.  Immigration law advisors ManifestLaw, looked at a total of 50 factors, from crimes to disposable income all the way through to factors such as pupil-to-teacher ratios, cost of living, and available housing in order to determine which are the best states to emigrate to.

These factors were then grouped into the following categories; Crime and Arrests, Economic Indicators, Educational Indicators, Housing Availability and Costs, Living Costs, and Safety and Infrastructure, with these groupings being used for the final index score. Negative variables like crime and arrests and living costs were inverted, meaning a higher rank is better.

Taking the top spot on the list is Wyoming, with an impressive index score of 66.77 out of 100. Wyoming ranks fourth in the nation for the economic factors section of the index, only behind Connecticut in first, Massachusetts in second, and New Hampshire in third.

Wyoming also ranks above average in almost all other categories, placing 18th for crime and educational indicators, 22nd for housing availability and costs, and 12th for living costs.

Minnesota ranks in second place, with an index score of 65.92 out of 100. Notably, Minnesota ranks the highest out of any state nationwide in the Safety and Infrastructure category, meaning the percentage of roads in acceptable condition is the highest anywhere in the country, while average annual road fatalities (per billion miles) are the lowest in the nation.

Third place goes to Illinois, with an index score of 64.79 out of 100. Illinois ranks second out of every state for Crime and Safety, behind Florida.

Illinois also ranks above average in almost every other category, placing 17th for economic indicators, 20th for educational and housing affordability and cost indicators and 16th for living costs.

North Dakota takes the fourth spot on the list, scoring 64.07 out of 100. North Dakota has some of the best living costs in the country, ranking fifth out of every state. However, the state fairs poorly for Crime and Arrest Indicators, placing 41st out of 50 states.

Iowa ranks in at fifth place, with an index score of 63.8 out of 100. Iowa notably ranks fifth out of all states for living costs, as well as second for safety and infrastructure.

Sixth place goes to Nebraska, which scored 63.08 out of 100. Nebraska ranked above average in all but one category, ranking 16th for economic indicators, tenth for educational indicators, 14th for housing affordability and costs, 15th for living costs, and 18th for Safety and Infrastructure. Crime and Arrests are the only factor that let Nebraska down, however, ranking 32nd out of every state nationwide.

The remainder of the top ten features Washington in seventh place, with a score of 62.94 out of 100. Notably, Washington ranked first in terms of living costs, fifth for economic indicators, and sixth for educational indicators.

Connecticut takes the eighth spot on the list, with an index score of 62.19 out of 100. Interestingly, Connecticut was seen to rank first out of every state for economic indicators, which included homeownership rate, disposable personal income per capita, and low poverty rates.

New Hampshire is ninth on the list, scoring 61.76 out of 100. Although it ranks fifth for crime and arrests, third for economic indicators, and seventh for safety and infrastructure, housing and affordability costs unfortunately let it down, placing 43rd out of the 50 states.

South Dakota rounds out the list in tenth place, with an index score of 61.38 out of 100. While it was above average in most categories, South Dakota, ranks 43rd out of 50 states for crime and arrests.

Interestingly, Hawaii ranked in as the worst state to emigrate to, scoring just 38.29 out of 100 on the index score. Hawaii was found to rank 49th in educational indicators, which included pupil-to-teacher ratio, tuition fees and public expenditure on instruction per pupil, behind South Carolina which ranked 50th for this category.

Hawaii also ranked 49th for Housing and Availability costs, coming in only behind Massachusetts in 50th place.

The top ten states to emigrate to

RankStateIndex Score / 100
4.North Dakota64.07
9.New Hampshire61.76
10.South Dakota61.38

Simon Craven, immigration attorney at ManifestLaw, commented on the findings, saying:

“The study provides a clear look at which states are the best for relocating for anyone potentially thinking of doing so. Considering a wide range of factors, the results show how different states excel in areas like quality of life and economic opportunities, while some may fall short in others.

“This index is a helpful tool for anyone considering moving, offering a better understanding of which places might be the best fit. The findings highlight the unique benefits of different regions, making it easier to decide where to go next.”