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‘Digital Nomad Visa’ Searches Skyrocket 1,135% – Demand Hits An All-Time High Worldwide

Google searches for visas which allow people to work remotely from another country have hit a global peak in 2024, spiking 1,135% – the highest demand in historyDemand comes after Italy’s long-awaited digital nomad visa launched in April 2024, and its immediate popularity dominated the internet – with searches soaring 3,025% worldwideA travel expert shares important insights for anyone hoping to take advantage of these unique working opportunities – including when best to apply 

A new analysis of Google search data has discovered that searches for ‘digital nomad visas’ have soared an immense 1,135% worldwide – highlighting that demand for these is higher than ever before in 2024. The study by travel enthusiasts Places to Travel used Google Trends to identify the increased demand for remote working visas – highlighting the increasing wanderlust that people around the world appear enticed by. 

‘Digital nomad visa’ searches spike 1,135% worldwide in 2024 

It is reported that over 50 countries around the world offer a digital nomad visa – with a popular European country being the latest to implement the program. In April 2024, Italy’s highly anticipated remote working visa was officially launched and sent travel lovers into a frenzy – as searches for the visa skyrocketed a huge 3,025% worldwide

‘Italy digital nomad visa’ searches spike 3,025% worldwide in 2024 

As interest in this new way of working and making the most of our socially connected world hits new heights, CEO of Places to Travel, Jason Wilson, has shared insights on the benefits of these sought-after visas: 

“Digital nomad visas are still a relatively new way of legally working in another country for an extended period of time – with the first only having launched around four years ago, in the height of the COVID-19 pandemic which forced many companies to shift to remote working practices.  

“Since then, their popularity has taken the world by storm – as the results of the study show – with employees keen to take advantage of the unique working opportunities afforded to them, whilst continuing to build their hard-earned careers. 

“Nomadic visas offer an exciting and holistic way for remote workers to experience a new country, as opposed to the more ‘traditional’ routes of taking a career break.” 

Jason continues: “In order to successfully gain a digital nomad visa, each country offering the program has their own specified eligibility requirements – often relating to the applicant’s salary, career, and education history. However, for those who meet the criteria, the experience can be life-changing – with durations starting from many months to a year, and some even allow renewals. 

Revealing his tips for applying for a digital nomad visa, Jason concluded:  

  1. “Perhaps obvious but extremely important to highlight is making sure to fully examine the eligibility requirements of your desired country to ensure you fit the minimum criteria to deter possibilities of any issues during the application process. Not to mention speaking with your employer to ensure they will permit you to work from another country and even another time zone.” 
  2. Research areas in your chosen country to find exactly where you’d like to relocate to. This may be a place you fell in love with on vacation – but for those who have never visited their chosen country, blogs, social media, and online video blogs can be helpful.” 
  3. Budget, budget, budget. While finances may not be the most exciting part of international travel, the more prepared you are ahead of time, the smoother the experience will be. Research the rent, living and lifestyle costs in your desired location to ensure you can live comfortably on your salary – and remember some visa applications come with a fee which will need to be accounted for.”
  4. Apply in plenty of time. Some countries’ nomad visas can be a quick and processed in a matter of weeks, but some can take many months; so be prepared to be patient until you receive your decision.”
  5. Most importantly – have fun! Nomadic vias offer a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity to immerse in a new culture and unique way of exploring our diverse world – and advances in technology in 2024 allows the chance for us to do so without ‘interrupting’ our daily life but instead transforming it.”