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Remote Work Opportunities For Expats

Top 10 Remote Work Opportunities For Expats Around The World

In today’s world, remote work has become an increasingly popular option for professionals looking to broaden their horizons and live the expat life. With the ability to work from anywhere in the world, expats can enjoy the freedom and flexibility that comes with remote work, while also experiencing the cultural richness of a new country….

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Digital Nomad Locations

5 Popular Digital Nomad Locations That Aren’t As Safe As You Think

If you’re on the hunt for the perfect beach destination, shield your eyes! These 5 digital nomad destinations are popular but may not be as safe as you think. From the soaring altitudes of the Peruvian Andes to the ancient home of the pharaohs — you might want to think twice before booking a long-term…

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virtual events

6 Tips for Planning a Successful Virtual Event With Your Remote Team

Navigating through the digital age, where virtual connectivity has usurped physical interactions, planning and executing successful virtual events has become paramount. According to reports, the global virtual events market was valued at an impressive $114.12 billion in 2021, reflecting the significant shift towards virtual gatherings and remote work. This skyrocketing trend illustrates the importance of…

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Renting An Office Vs. Working From Home

The Expat Guide To Renting An Office Vs. Working From Home

For expatriates living abroad, finding the right workspace is a crucial aspect of maintaining a successful career while adjusting to a new environment. As the world becomes more interconnected and remote work gains popularity, expats often face the decision of renting an office space or working from the comfort of their home. Both options have…

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Careers For Digital Nomads

Top Careers For Digital Nomads

Employers and workers around the world have embraced flexible working in recent years, with 84% of professionals stating they base work opportunities on remote work options in a recent report.  With this in mind, The Social Hub has analysed 88 of the most popular careers and ranked them based on the percentage of remote jobs…

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Spain Digital Nomad Visa

Spain Digital Nomad Visa – A Guide

The Spain Digital Nomad Visa is a chance for individuals in search of the nomadic way of life while working from a distance or participating in independent activities. This visa initiative enables digital nomads to encounter the varied and lively culture of Spain while still making a living and adding to the worldwide labor force….

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European workation

European Workation:  The Best European Beach Cities To Live And Play In This Summer

Europe’s gorgeous beaches, stunning architecture, rich history and delicious cuisine have always been main points of attraction for travellers from America.  Researchers at CoworkingCafe wanted to find the best European beach cities for American remote workers and digital nomads to work and play in this summer. To find the best destination for a European workation,…

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Check Printing For Freelancers

A Brief Primer On Check Printing For Freelancers & Remote Workers

For freelancers and remote workers, most of the work that they do is going to be online in one way or another. From finding clients, to completing work, to getting paid, it’s all online with very little offline interaction, and that can be both good and bad. It can be a little rough because eventually…

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Solo Adventure Holiday

How A Solo Adventure Holiday Could Help With Your Career Development

For many people, solo travel can be a daunting prospect. However, adventure holidays can offer a unique opportunity for solo travellers to experience new destinations and activities while also enjoying the benefits of group travel. With 25% of travellers saying they plan on travelling solo in the next six months and summer holidays on the…

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milky coffee

Unravelling Europe’s Quirks: Unique Customs To Understand Before Relocating

Congratulations on making the huge decision to relocate to Europe. This exciting and life-changing experience can offer a multitude of opportunities and adventures. However, with so many unique and diverse European countries to choose from, it can be overwhelming to decide which one to make your new home. Making the move to a new country…

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