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Best European Countries For Remote Workers

Global digitalization has turned our world upside-down, modifying and improving every part of our lives. All the tech wonders and devices created a new type of working society, which is 24/7 connected, mobile, and locally-independent. A digital working environment lets everyone earn their living while actively exploring the world and learning about its best-kept secrets, reaching a life-work balance.

When being a remote worker (or a family of remote workers), the world becomes an open book with an opportunity to live in any place without any timeframes, enjoying the local cuisine and lifestyle.

We have chosen the best European cities that offer decent working and living conditions for remote workers, considering their financial affordability and level of attractiveness.

The Five European Cities for Remote Workers

When analyzing the map of Europe, we have considered the following criteria – general cost of living, alternative workspaces, activities, atmosphere, transportation cost, and rent. The final list looks the following way:

1.   Riga, Latvia

Our list of the best places is opened with quite an unexpected option – the Baltic country Latvia, and its capital city Riga. When you choose to live in Riga for some time, you will fall in love with this city, its people, culture, and overall atmosphere.

Riga is often called a little Paris, due to numerous examples of Art Nouveau in architecture. The buildings in the Old Town impress with their beauty and history imprinted with every piece of decoration.

If you get tired of the city center, you can head to one of the numerous nature reserves within or outside the city, or the Baltic Sea within easy reach. When you want to unwind after a long and tiring day, you can join the vibrant nightlife and enjoy the vibe of positivity and full relaxation.

There are lots of well-organized co-working spaces, which provide comfort and high-speed Internet connection. By the way, Latvia is among the leading European countries with the best quality Internet connection, which will provide your professional accessibility day in, and day out.

The average rent price varies. While Riga is the most expensive in terms of Latvian prices, it is relatively cheap considering other European countries, with $300-400 monthly fees for decent settlements. So, when choosing to live in riga, you are bound to decrease your spending.

2.   Lisbon, Portugal

From a rather cool climate and cold water of the Baltic Sea, we are moving towards Southwestern Europe, to Portugal, and its marvelous capital Lisbon.

Portugal is special, as it is located at the very end of the western European continent. When you are standing on the edge of the cliffs, looking into the endless ocean, and listening to the sound of splashing waves, life seems to be rediscovering its harmony and balanced state.

Lisbon, compared to other European capitals, is rather inexpensive – a one-bedroom apartment may cost you around €650-670/month. It is always possible to find lower or higher prices, regarding the location of the apartment; besides, there is no bad location in Lisbon.

Lisbon, and the whole of Portugal, has a reliable transport system, which lets everyone have freedom of movement, especially with the transport card.

Lisbon features numerous co-working spaces, thus, it is always possible to book a place in a New location, to get to know the city better. The Internet connection has no issues and can maintain any type of performance.

3.   Budva, Montenegro

Montenegro is a unique country. While being a relatively small size, it combines all the best features nature can offer us – the Adriatic Sea, the Dinaric Alps, and beautiful harbors. An end-to-end trip can take you 6-7 hours considering the mountainous roads.

When working remotely from Budva, you can switch places every few days, changing the mountains to the sea, and vice versa.

The average rent price starts at €250 per one-bedroom apartment in the low season. During summer, the prices increase significantly. While Budva features just a few co-working spaces, it is always possible to go to Podgorica, the capital of Montenegro, which is just a 1-2 hour ride from Budva.

4.   Tallinn, Estonia

From the warm temperatures of Budva, we are going back to the rather cold climate and culture of Estonia and its capital Tallinn.

If you are looking for reasonable pricing for rent and life, rich history, and culture – Estonia is waiting for you, offering the best conditions for permanent and temporary stays.

Estonia is a rather small country, the center of the old-style Northern Europe. Despite having a Soviet past, it is now heavily influenced by Finland, taking the right direction for development.

The average pricing for rent is €500, depending on the location of the apartment. The transport network is as reliable as it can be.

5.   Ljubljana, Slovenia

Slovenia is a green heart of central Europe. It is known for its ski resorts, mountains, and lakes. Its capital city Ljubljana features quite a few co-working spaces, the country can be easily traveled by public transport, considering small distances.

The average rent price starts from $250-300, depending on the location and utilities.

Remote workers will benefit from the richness of the culture and nature, having an opportunity to explore the lands of Slovenia without compromising the quality of their professional duties.

The digital environment has enabled our society with an ability to work and see the world simultaneously. Remote workers needn’t choose the only place to settle in, as they can travel the world and stay in the cities for as long as they require. If you have an opportunity to work remotely, don’t miss a chance to discover the world’s beauty while making your living.