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Moving to Canada – What You Need to Know

Moving to Canada

So, you are moving to Canada!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Canada we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

keeping your health in check

3 Tips For Keeping Your Health In Check As An Expat

  Living abroad has countless benefits and possibilities: you get to live an adventurous lifestyle and become integrated into cultures very different from your own. But living away from your home country comes with challenges as well, one of which is the difficulty of finding good healthcare options abroad. Here are a few tips to…

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9 Little Known Factors That Affect Your Health

  Many factors have an impact on our health, such as what we eat, how we sleep and our habits and hobbies. While lifestyle choices and genetics play a large role in our health, our social and physical environments can also impact our wellness.       In this article, we’ll discuss the lesser-known determinants…

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Expat Life: 6 Essential Tips On Packing Up And Moving Overseas

  So you have a great opportunity to move abroad and start life afresh. While that is all well and good, it is crucial to understand that it is not possible to just simply take all of your belongings come moving day. This is because you won’t find moving and subsequently shipping items abroad to…

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separation anxiety

Separation Anxiety: Dealing With A Common Expat Problem

It’s normal for expatriates to feel homesick from time to time. But what happens when longing for familiar faces and places becomes the worry and distress of separation anxiety? An increasing number of expats struggle with the condition that detracts from the experience of living and working abroad. Thankfully, there are ways to deal with…

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gut healthy

How Can Expats Remain Gut Healthy in A New Country?

  Moving to a different country is a very big change, which requires a great adaptation. Expats must not only adapt to a new place and culture but their gastrointestinal system must, too. The bacteria that live in the gut, known as microbiota, also have to deal with changes in diet, lifestyle, and other important…

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Maintain Connection With The UK Without Roaming Charges

  What Do New Roaming Charges Mean? UK providers have reintroduced roaming charges for Brits abroad, due to Brexit, meaning connecting to the UK will be more difficult than ever.  But no need to panic, Xpatfone, powered by Devyce, is the solution, a modern business phone system with a specific package for expats wanting to…

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live well as an expatriate

How To Live Well As An Expatriate

  There can be numerous advantages to moving to another country, from better financial prospects to fleeing a crisis. While there are potential advantages, there are also plenty of challenges facing expatriates living in a new country. Overcoming these challenges is essential to achieving your initial goals and a higher quality of life, and these…

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Stay Healthy While Living Abroad

6 Tips To Stay Healthy While Living Abroad

  Expat life opens the door to a plethora of fresh adventures and exploration chances. It’s easy to overlook your health while relocating to your new home country and focusing solely on the present.  Here we look at what you can do to ensure you stay healthy while living abroad.       Learning about…

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financial basics

Financial Basics For Newcomers To Canada

  The first step for many will be to open a bank account. Services such as depositing money, receiving loans, and issuing credit cards are all important for newcomers establishing themselves in Canada. These services allow you to receive paychecks, make major purchases like cars or homes, and build credit. In Canada, there are several…

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Health Insurance For Expats

Health Insurance For Expats Doesn’t Have To Be Daunting

    If you’re moving abroad, there’s a lot to think about. It can be a stressful process and one that requires a lot of time and energy – and that’s before you even arrive in your new country. Arranging healthcare might seem like another daunting task, but it doesn’t have to be.    …

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