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The Health Challenges Of The Expatriate Community

health challenges


No matter where you reside, health should always be a top priority. For some communities, the elusive goal of optimal health is harder than for other populations. Expatriates live outside their native country and could have challenges with a language barrier as well as many other challenges that come from living in a new country Health challenges are one they all face.




If anything, if you move to another country for a job, schooling or retirement, you need to follow a healthier regimen than others. By taking a few actions, you increase your chance of meeting these health challenges.


Maintain a Healthy Weight

Carrying a few extra pounds on your frame can impact your health in negative ways. This is true especially as you get older. If you fall into the category of obesity, you could even face more problems. Even something as simple as coming down with a bug during the flu season could result in complications that require a hospital stay.

Maintaining your preferred weight is not always easy, so using supplements that help control eating can be a plausible strategy. Just make sure to pick a product that is safe and effective and that contains proven ingredients to target weight loss. Try to find a product that does not have negative impacts on your mind and body. Thrive side effects, for example, are quite rare and none of the reported effects are particularly serious, meaning you can enjoy a level of confidence when taking the product.


Get Some Exercise

The benefits of regular exercise are many and far-reaching. They help improve a person’s attitude by releasing chemicals into the brain that promote a positive outlook. Exercise also boosts a person’s immune system, helping active people fight off colds and flu bugs. This results in less downtime, fewer visits to the doctor or urgent care facility and a more positive self-image.

The benefits of regular exercise can be measured objectively. These areas of health often see improvement with a steady exercise plan:

  • Weight management
  • Blood pressure control
  • Stress reduction
  • Circulation management

So in addition to helping a person fight off pesky illnesses, exercise can even play a role in a person’s quality of life and longevity. For these reasons, the expatriates should look to incorporate exercise into their daily routine.


Learn the Language of Your Host Country

If you do need to pay a visit to a doctor or hospital, even if it is just for a cold or flu bug, it helps to speak the language of the country you are living in. This allows you to clearly articulate your symptoms, allowing the medical professionals to provide the best treatment. While it is true that many doctors and nurses will speak English, it could also be the case that they do not. This language barrier could result in less effective treatment for your illness.

You have many options for becoming proficient in a foreign language. You can research the best language programs out there and decide which one will work best for your style of learning. You might find you have a knack for learning a second language and enjoy the process. It will also serve an important role in protecting your health.


Look Into Your Insurance Options

Healthcare can be difficult to pay for if you do not have adequate insurance. This could make you less likely to seek the treatment you need. It could lead to undue suffering as well as complications from an illness.

While some insurance programs will work in foreign countries, others will not. You could look into changing your insurance company, or you could pursue getting insurance from your host country. You could even change your citizenship. If you become a Canadian citizen you are then eligible for benefits from the country’s healthcare system.

The process is not always easy and it is not free, but it could be worthwhile.


Good health is crucial for everyone. Be sure to take the necessary steps to stay healthy this year.