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Best Ways To Stay Healthy When Living Abroad

Stay Healthy When Living Abroad


There are many reasons that people choose to leave their homeland to move to another country such as jobs, marriage or simply because they preferred another lifestyle. If becoming an expat is in the near future for you, one of your considerations will be health and fitness. Here are some of the best ways to stay healthy when living abroad.




Have the Right Equipment

The process of moving your life to another country is highly involved. It means paring down your possessions, selling things and purchasing special items for your new life. For fitness purposes, invest in a good pair of sneakers, socks, hats and workout apparel. Check out easy-to-pack fitness mats, stretch bands and look at durable running bags to stash it all in. Having the right equipment when you leave makes it much easier to immediately continue your exercise routine without searching for these things abroad.


Tailor Your Diet to New Foods

Depending on where you’re moving to, you might be delighted to find a plethora of new foods waiting for you. This is the time to rework your diet because many of the foods you ate are no longer available. When you arrive, make a list and take a trip around your local supermarket. Find out which items you still have access to and which ones you might find in a specialty shop. Make sure you take advantage of farmers’ markets and incorporate new types of fruits, vegetables and cheese into your diet.


Supplement Your Nutrition

On the other hand, if your new country of residence doesn’t have a lot of produce readily available at certain times of the year, you’ll need to supplement your diet. Before you leave, shop for high-quality vitamins, isolate protein powder and any other nutritional products you rely on. Some of these items might be available in your new country but if they aren’t, either order them or have a family member send them to you several times a year.


Do More Walking

Many foreign countries have incredibly efficient transportation systems. However, if you’re retired or have chosen your new home based on its beauty, you’ll want to do all the walking you can. Walking every day will keep you toned and fit, and will also help you integrate into the culture. When you travel on foot, you’ll get a feel for your new city and meet some interesting people. Walking is also good for your mental health and may help you cope with feelings of homesickness that even expatriates experience.


Participate in Local Sports

No matter what your favorite exercise activity is, keep an open mind when living in another country. There are a lot of local opportunities to explore such as swimming, hiking or joining a local soccer team. If biking is a large part of the culture, get involved! You can also take part in community projects such as city or beach clean-ups. Living abroad is an excellent chance to experiment with new types of sports and if you give up the snow and cold for the tropics, you can be active all year long!


Protect Yourself from the Elements

Staying healthy isn’t just about diet and exercise, but also protecting yourself against the elements. Living in another part of the world sometimes presents a number of weather challenges. For example, if you’re moving to a hot country, it’s crucial to stay more hydrated than you might have in your home country. Stay on top of weather forecasts and prepare for the possibility of torrential downpours, mudslides, excessive lighting or cyclones. Wherever you live, wear sunscreen to protect against skin cancer.


Millions of people become expatriates every year. To keep yourself healthy abroad, invest in quality equipment, health supplements and above all, embrace new local activities and enjoy the beauty of your new home.