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Maintain Connection With The UK Without Roaming Charges


What Do New Roaming Charges Mean?

UK providers have reintroduced roaming charges for Brits abroad, due to Brexit, meaning connecting to the UK will be more difficult than ever.  But no need to panic, Xpatfone, powered by Devyce, is the solution, a modern business phone system with a specific package for expats wanting to rid themselves of data charges.



Over the past year UK network providers, Three, O2, Vodafone and EE, announced the reintroduction of roaming charges and fair usage limits; meaning free roaming, introduced in 2017, will no longer be available to a large number of consumers outside of periodic travel.

Finding a solution to the issue can save you fees of up to £1.40 per minute, or £2 to

£5 a day. Some UK networks have recommended expats buy a local sim or start a new contract with their local network, however you are still faced with international fees and the hassle of two numbers, and/or two phones.

From January 2022, expats stand at risk of becoming disconnected from the UK, whether it is their business or their family and friends. Especially due to fair usage policies UK networks have adopted, in which networks have the right to suspend your account depending on your mobile usage; if used exclusively to receive calls, or exceeding the usage limit. Going over the fair usage limit specific to each UK network, due to ‘unfair usage’, may also result in a surcharge to be paid back in the UK. Suspension essentially disables your device from being used, detaching you from the UK, out of reach and isolated.

The effect of roaming charges means a restricted service on your UK phone and no one wants to be on hold for two hours because their account has been suspended for over use. Xpatfone is the solution.


What is Xpatfone?

Xpatfone is a product of Devyce, a telecommunications company, that eliminates the issues caused by the reintroduction of roaming charges for expats. Instead of worrying about extra fees, surcharges and usage limits, Xpatfone customers can feel carefree relying on a once a month payment, with no unexpected charges or fees and accessibility from anywhere in the world, via the Google Play and App Store.



How can Xpatfone help you?

The best thing about Xpatfone is that you can keep your UK number while abroad and enjoy unlimited minutes, inbound and outbound, and texts, without worrying about surcharge fees. Porting your number is simple and can be transferred within 24 hours, with customer support available around the clock to guide you through the process when needed. From then, you have the ability to use your phone however you choose, with zero stress, from connecting with family in the UK to accessing SMS verification codes from banks and more.

Nigel Ayres, CEO of Expat Network

“I have experienced excellent service with Xpatfone. The app is simple and effective, keeping me in touch with the UK without the need for a SIM card. Their customer service is outstanding, ready to help at every step of the process”

The potential saving Xpatfone can provide is monumental, likely to save you up to £52 a month. Xpatfone offers two plans: our Unlimited plan for £8.99, ideal for expats, and the Brexit Buster for £12.99, for international minutes; and until the 30th September, enjoy further savings of up to £1.50 on both of these plans.

Comparatively, Three provides a ‘data passport’ for £5 a day until the fair usage limit is hit, in which case your account could be suspended or at the risk of surcharges.

Similarly, EE are offering roaming from £2 a day or £10 a month and Vodafone are also charging £2 a day roaming allowance.

Xpatfone provides a quick, cheap and effective solution to the new charges starting in 2022; rest assured that you will not lose contact with the UK by switching to Xpatfone.


To get started and port your number today, all you need to do is click the link below to start your Xpatfone plan and get setup within 24 hours.