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The Fundamentals Of Integrating Newcomers Into Ontario’s Economy



Immigration is undeniably a crucial contributor to both the size and diversity of Ontario’s workforce. And nowadays, it’s just becoming more and more significant as the number of immigrants continues to increase. In fact, the Ontario Ministry of Finance forecasted that in the following 25 years, immigration could account for the most significant part of Ontario’s population growth.


Ontario’s economy is the biggest in Canada and sixth by size in North America. So, a firm plan for the newcomers is a crucial part of Ontario’s strong economy. The province is clearly among the top destinations in Canada for immigrants, and for this reason, it must ensure to make the most of it.

To put it more simply, Ontario heavily relies on successful immigrant stories to bolster its community and economy. Accordingly, Ontario’s provincial government has various policies to ensure that the newcomers’ skillsets are utilized to the highest possible degree. The newcomers’ design strategies and procedures include the balance of both the province’s short and long-term goals.

Needless to say, the province has it all figured out. Using the most suitable tools and programs, the province’s government ensures that newcomers successfully progress and integrate into its economy. Here’s everything that you should know about the integration of newcomers into Ontario’s economy.


Ontario’s Immigration Rudiments

It’s only logical that each newcomer must follow one of the immigration processes to successfully become a permanent citizen and integrate into Ontario’s economy. For that reason, Ontario came up with a new immigration strategy and created the Ontario PNP (Provincial Nominee Program), a principle that works best for newcomers, their families, and the province itself.

The basic concept behind the Ontario PNP is actually pretty simple. It helps the immigration process of competent non-Canadian citizens and their loved ones (spouses, common-law partners, and children) to live and work in the province. The Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program, or shortly OINP, sets those accepted by the program and their families on a fast track towards successful immigration to Canada.

In general, the Ontario PNP is an employer-driven program. This means that you can apply only if your employer is prequalified for the program. Accordingly, the job position must be pre-approved, and the employer must supply a nominee application package from the Ontario PNP to the local authorities before you apply.

The Opportunities Ontario Provincial Nominee Program (OOPNP) is the first of its type in Ontario. In addition to offering opportunities to qualified newcomers, the program is also created to contribute within the grounds of job establishment, job retention, and financial development.


Application Process

Suppose you are looking to apply to the Ontario PNP. In that case, you must understand how important it is to acknowledge the pros and cons of the exhausting application procedure beforehand and know what to expect. Below, you will find the essential information to steer yourself in the right direction.


With A Job Offer

This is the easiest and most efficient way of applying to the Ontario PNP. In fact, the best part of nominations is offered only to applicants with job offerings within Ontario’s province. However, the working position in question must be provided full-time and permanently by the qualified employer. Additionally, it must be approved by Immigration Ontario before you can apply.

With this being said, the OINP can be broken down into the three following steps:

     I.        Pre-Screen Application

The employer in question begins the application procedure by submitting a pre-screen application. The Ontario Ministry of Citizenship and Immigration then examines that application further.

   II.        Nominee Application

Employers get an approval letter once their pre-screen application is approved. Additionally, the employer receives a pre-screen approval certification and the standard confirmation document from the Ontario Nominee Program office. Then the employer can have their potential employee submit the nominee application package.

 III.        Provincial Nomination

All successful nominees get a provincial nomination certificate. Together with their family members, the individuals nominated by Ontario must further meet Citizenship and Immigration Canada requirements. Usually, those include background and medical checks along with a police clearance certificate.


Without A Job Offer

Applying and being approved by the Ontario Provincial Nominee Program is more challenging without a job offer on the table. However, it is not impossible. Those interested in submitting applications without a job offer must first meet the requirements for one of the two International Graduate Streams, the Masters’ Student Stream and the Ph.D. Student Stream.

Once a student meets the above-mentioned institutions’ terms and conditions, they will be awarded the provincial nominee certificate and can proceed with their immigration procedure further.


Benefits Of PNP’s Fast Integration

The benefits of the Ontario Immigrant Nominee Program (OINP) are countless. You have probably acknowledged several of them just from the above-given information. Simply put, the Ontario PNP ensures that the right people are integrated into Ontario’s economy and offers them the possibility of a lifetime to immigrate to one of the best countries in the world.

And even though almost 60% of Ontario’s total immigrant population arrived in the province without this program, the PNP ensures that all the skilled workers urgently needed in specific sectors in Ontario’s economy get accelerated approval process.

Indeed, this is the lead advantage of the program itself. Besides, a massive amount of time is saved in the immigration application procedure. The Ontario PNP decision-making process takes 60 days, and all the steps that follow afterward until getting the green light for immigration usually take around 7 to 8 months.

It might seem to you like a long time, but it’s nothing compared to the standard immigration processing time, which goes from 17 up to 32 months. However, in most cases, well-prepared applicants receive working permits and are integrated into the province in only six months.


Final Thoughts

Breaking down the barriers for professionally skilled newcomers’ success into Ontario’s economy is the key to its future prosperity. However, the immigration procedures are commonly hard to tackle along the way.

If you’re interested in immigrating to Ontario and becoming a permanent citizen of this beautiful and prosperous province, regularly check if there’re active PNP procedures in place. Find an employer who’s going to vouch for you, walk through the appropriate procedures with an experienced immigration lawyer, and become a part of Ontario’s community and its economy.