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Moving to Australia – Relocating

Moving to Australia? Get our guide!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Australia we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

Moving to Australia, Part Five: Learning the Ropes

This step of your move mainly involves learning the practicalities and how to get things done with the minimum of fuss. At the same time you may develop a deeper insight into your new environment. You’ll be getting to know how things work and starting to settle into your new home and routine. Sharon Swift…

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Moving to Australia, Part Four: Tackling the Necessities

This step is crucial because, once you have done everything in this phase, you are compliant and will have more of a sense of belonging. These are the registrations, tasks and paperwork that you will have had as long as you can remember back home and perhaps even have taken for granted. Sharon Swift continues…

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Moving to Australia, Part Three: Taking Up Residence

You’ve arrived. The weeks and months of planning have passed and you’re living and breathing the checklist. The focus of getting things done will be a welcome distraction. There is a sense of excitement at wanting to explore your new surroundings, although you’re missing home and are feeling a little anxious and scared, having to…

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Moving to Australia, Part Two: Embarking On The Move

Any substantial journey involves planning and paperwork. An international relocation is infinitely more complex than a domestic move. I would suggest treating the move like any large project. You will ultimately need a list of actions, each allocated to a responsible party, with an expected timeline for each task. Sharon Swift shares her experience of…

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Moving to Australia, Part One: Sizing Up The Move

The prospect of moving to a new country can be exciting and daunting in equal measure. Australia has the benefit of being English speaking with a seemingly similar culture to the UK or USA, but the distance is a huge drawback. Will this hold you back from the opportunity of a lifetime? Sharon Swift shares…

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Temporary Accommodation

When moving to a new country it is important to understand your options – where you are going to be living and in what type of accommodation. While you find the solution there are a number of options:   Traditional hotels – This can be an option if the transitional period is going to be short. …

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Moving Your Home Contents

Before beginning to pack make sure that you have thought through what you should take with you. Make a list! It is best to reduce the amount of home contents you take with you, as you may be fitting into something much smaller. First of all, what are you thinking of taking with you? Furniture – You…

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Moving With Family

Any international move is complicated, but moving with family takes even more planning. The first challenge is to deliver the message to the family. This will require a detailed discussion; they are likely to have a large number of questions but it may not be easy to get them to ask them initially. Children of…

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Finding The Right School

Viable and attractive school options will be a major factor when relocating with family. The choice will generally be between sending your child(ren) to an international or a local school. There are advantages to each option and you need to decide what best for your children. International Schools International schools can provide real advantages: They…

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The Healthy Expat

Those living away from their own country and its familiar health and welfare services can feel vulnerable in their new location. Health and access to proper care is at the heart of people’s wellbeing. Those who do not feel confident that they can readily access the help they need may not enjoy their expat life….

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