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buying property

Renting Or Buying Property In France

For many the idea of moving to France is to buy an old farmhouse deep in the country to renovate and settle into a rural lifestyle. For others it is the attractions of the cosmopolitan life in Paris. With prices in Paris it is generally more practical to rent rather than buy, but buying is...

expats can benefit from self-storage

How Expats Can Benefit From Self-Storage

People frequently encounter various difficulties when they relocate to a new nation for employment, education, or other reasons. Discovering a location to keep their possessions is one of the biggest obstacles. Storage presents specific difficulties for expats in particular. Making a long-term rental commitment may be challenging since you may not be certain how long...

young Brits looking for overseas property

Cost Of Living Crisis Prompts Increase In Young Brits Looking For Property Abroad 

New data has shown a 31% increase in young British people (aged 18-24) looking for overseas property in Europe in the last three months of 2022 vs the same period in 2021, as the cost of living crisis in the UK, combined with growing unaffordability of UK housing appears to be prompting more young people...

LinkedIn profile for an international move.

Preparing Your LinkedIn Profile For An International Move

LinkedIn is one of the most important sources of new roles today. When moving abroad it is important to ensure your LinkedIn profile gives the right message. This infographic from Hansen & Company gives top tips on preparing your LinkedIn profile for an international move.

studying abroad

Studying Abroad? Follow These 7 Tips For An Easier Student Life

If you’re considering studying abroad, congratulations! It’s an amazing experience that will stay with you for the rest of your life. But before you pack your bags and catch a plane, there are a few things you should know to make your student life overseas a little easier. Follow these seven tips and you’ll be...

expecting a baby abroad

How To Involve Your Family Back Home When Expecting a Baby Abroad

Whether you’re a digital nomad that moves around frequently or a part of a couple that’s found their forever home, it can be stressful to be away from family when you’re expecting a baby abroad. However, there are plenty of things you can do to keep your family back home in the loop while abroad....

Celebrate Special Occasions For Loved Ones Back Home

How To Celebrate Special Occasions For Loved Ones Back Home After You’ve Emigrated

As much as moving to a different country for work, study, relationships, and a score of other reasons can be exciting, one thing is for sure. Adjusting to being far away from loved ones is among the most expected yet difficult challenges any emigrant can face. And while it will probably take a while before you...


Accessing Healthcare When You Retire Abroad

Retiring abroad is a major decision and one of the key issues if we are to get the best out of life in retirement wherever we are is access to good quality healthcare. The accessibility of healthcare should be one of the key factors in the decision on where to retire. There can be a...

moving abroad

Things To Consider When Moving Abroad

Moving abroad is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about other cultures and yourself. Stepping out and taking this giant leap of faith can easily grant you the opportunity to have many new experiences while allowing you to explore a terrain that is otherwise unknown to you. However, moving abroad is...

an expat's retirement

An Expat’s Retirement – Double The Challenge

Retirement is like a bereavement. Overnight you lose your title, identity, network of colleagues and sense of purpose. Like a bereavement, many go through a stark emotional time. Add leaving a country into the mix, and an expat’s retirement can involve a more challenging time than most. Written exclusively for Expat...

how do you fund your education

How To Get A Student Loan As An Expat: 4 Ways To Fund Your Education

Taking your education to the next level is an investment in your future, and one which will repay itself many times over, not only in terms of opening up new career opportunities, but also when it comes to making you a more rounded human being. How do you fund your education? ...

expat job hunting tips

6 Expat Job Hunting Tips To Get Your Dream Job

Almost all of us have been taught by our parents to continue our education so that we can have the perfect job that impacts both our own lives and the rest of society. As we get older, we really want to find our dream job, even if that dream job leads us to a...