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Moving to Spain – Immigration / Visa

So, you are moving to Spain!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Spain we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

Britons in the EU

Four Things Brexit Has Changed For Britons In The EU

  After four and a half years of uncertainty, negotiations and false starts since the 2016 Brexit referendum, the UK has now fully left the EU. A trade deal agreed at the eleventh hour offered very little time for people and businesses to digest how things will work for Britons in the EU from 2021. …

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Schengen visa

When And How Do I Apply For A Schengen Visa?

  Non-EU citizens who have not been granted residence in an EU country, who are planning to enter the EU (and other member countries) for a short visit will need a Schengen Visa.  What are the options available and how do you apply?       A Schengen visa allows you to enter any of…

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Digital Nomad

Life As A Digital Nomad – A Personal Perspective

Becoming a digital nomad is an increasingly popular option and the pandemic has made many people digital nomads as they work from home even if they are unfamiliar with the term.  Here I share my experience of moving to Spain to take advantage of my ability to live as a digital nomad. Written by Nigel…

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visa options

Visa Options For Non-EU Citizens To Live, Work Or Retire In Spain

Visa options: non-EU citizens, which from 2021 includes British citizens, must have an appropriate visa if they are to live in Spain.  Professional advice is advisable to ensure you obtain the visa that best meets your circumstances and gives you the best benefits.  Here we set out a summary of the main visa options. There…

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Move or retire to Spain

Can I Still Move Or Retire To Spain?

So with the Brexit transition period ended on 31st December, what are the chances of being able to move or retire to Spain in 2021?  Is it too late to take advantage of the existing rights as a citizen of an EU member country?   Written by Nigel Ayres, CEO of Expat Network   Spain…

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Applying For Residence In Spain

Understand how to apply for and maintain residence in Spain An NIE (Numero de Identificacion de Extranjero) and a Tarjeta de Residencia (residency card) is required if you intend to stay in Spain for more than 90 days. It is possible to stay without applying for residence, but it is required for many purposes, including…

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