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Moving to Spain – Retirement

So, you are moving to Spain!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Spain we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

Financial Planning When Moving To Or Living In Spain

An overview of the Spanish tax system and the issues you need to address before you move to Spain as well as insight into effective financial planning when living in Spain. Planning for retirement and inheritance tax issues. In this webinar Brett Hanson of Blevins Franks in Spain gives you an insight into the differences…

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Retiring Abroad

Financial Planning When Retiring Abroad

When retiring to Europe what are the options for funding the move, how do you  arrange to receive your state pension and transfer your private pension(s) while abroad.  What are the financial issues that need to be considered before you make the move? Jason Porter of Blevins Franks takes you through the key financial issues…

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retire abroad

Britons Willing To Overcome Brexit Barriers And Retire Abroad Again

New research from overseas property consultants highlights that Brits are coming to terms with post-Brexit restrictions, applying for visas and retiring to favourite European destinations in ever greater numbers.  Your Overseas Home have released new data which shows a return to pre-Brexit levels of interest in retiring to Mediterranean and southern European hotspots.  After ‘freedom of…

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Retirement In Spain

Retirement In Spain – 8 Key Steps To Take Before And After Your Move

Retirement in Spain remains popular among British nationals, and with very good reason – there are so many benefits to living there. Here, we look at 8 key steps to take before and after your move. Written by Jason Porter of Blevins Franks We’re pleased to see that Brexit did not put people off making…

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Spanish Property Ownership Options

Spanish Property Ownership Options

Before you move to Spain it is important to understand the different rules and taxes that will be applied if you buy property in Spain.  It is worth looking at different Spanish property ownership options to ensure you avoid unexpected issues when you sell the property or when your spouse or others inherit the property…

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The Top 10 Countries Brits Want To Spend Their Retirement In 

New research has revealed the top 10 countries Brits want to spend their retirement in, with Spain placing first. Equity release specialists at Retirement Solutions analysed the average monthly Google search volume for different terms relating to retiring abroad. They wanted to determine the countries that Brits are most seeking to move to, upon retirement.  Rank …

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Accessing Healthcare When You Retire Abroad

Retiring abroad is a major decision and one of the key issues if we are to get the best out of life in retirement wherever we are is access to good quality healthcare.  The accessibility of healthcare should be one of the key factors in the decision on where to retire. There can be a…

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an expat's retirement

An Expat’s Retirement – Double The Challenge

  Retirement is like a bereavement. Overnight you lose your title, identity, network of colleagues and sense of purpose. Like a bereavement, many go through a stark emotional time.  Add leaving a country into the mix, and an expat’s retirement can involve a more challenging time than most.       Written exclusively for Expat…

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state pension

How To Claim The UK State Pension Abroad

You can continue to claim your State Pension when you decide to retire abroad, provided you have paid enough UK National Insurance contributions to qualify.  If you have not yet started receiving your pension you can get a State Pension statement to tell you how much State Pension you may get     In order to claim…

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UK Inheritance Tax And Domicile

UK Inheritance Tax And Domicile – What You Need To Know Today

  UK inheritance tax follows you around the world since it’s based on domicile, not residence. You could live abroad long term and still be liable for this legacy tax. Here, Blevins Franks look at key facts about UK inheritance tax and domicile and how it could affect your intended heirs.        Written…

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