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Reasons Why Your Business Might Need Secretarial Services

Most people think of secretaries as women in high heels and skirts who answer phones, take dictation and make coffee. While that may have been the stereotype years ago, those days are long gone. Today’s secretaries are highly skilled professionals who can handle various tasks, from correspondence to managing a calendar to preparing reports. In fact ...

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Top 10 Places In Europe Perfect For A Workcation

  Since the pandemic started, more and more people are working from home. According to statistics, 60% of the UK’s adult population currently works from home, and 26% of Brits plan to continue working from home permanently or occasionally. Working from home is great for work-life balance, but you can very quickly become bored of your surroundings. So, maybe it’s time to pack up th ...

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Covid-19 Impacts Expat Attitudes To Employer Benefits Package

  A study from Aetna International shows that expats in key global markets are becoming more attentive about the inclusions in their employer benefits package.  Over 9 in 10 (92%) survey respondents felt that having an employer benefits package was more important now than pre-pandemic. Over a third of expats (36%) admitted valuing their benefits package more as a direct result of needing to u ...

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How To Deal With A Bad Boss Or Manager

  While you may love your job, a bad boss can turn anything sour. If you think you have had a bad boss or manager, you’re not alone. Many people actually leave jobs because of their bosses instead of the actual job itself. Other people stay at their job for a variety of reasons and dread going to work, making themselves miserable for eight hours a day.       Written exclusively for Expat ...

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Working Abroad In 2022: 7 Tips To Follow

  The outbreak last February changed so many things in our lives it’s hard to even begin to count. Still, if we were to single out two things we miss the most, that would be pre-pandemic job security and the ability to roam the globe like we used to. But, what if we told you that now, almost two years after the genie has left the bottle, you finally have a chance to get both these things back ...

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How To Make Traveling Easier While Working A Remote Job

  Many people love to travel, but it’s not always feasible. While you may not be in a position to blow your savings and jet off to another continent for an undetermined time, there is a way for you to live pretty much wherever you want. If you want to be proud of your work and enjoy the benefits of traveling, here’s how to make traveling easier while working a remote job.     ...

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The Advantages Of Hiring Expats Over Locals

If you own a business and are planning to establish internationally also, you may already be thinking of sending some of your local employees out to work at the new branch of your company, making them expats in the process. Relocating your employees abroad or hiring expats is expensive. This is because you will need to take into account immigration requirements, tax equalizations, allowances, insu ...

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4 Unique Job Ideas For Expatriates

  When deciding to move to another country, it’s often the case that you’re moving for work or have a job that moves with you. There are, however, many people who prefer to just make the move without having a position lined up. Thankfully, there are tons of interesting and unique jobs that expats can find for either short-term or longer-term periods of time. Here are a few ideas t ...

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5 Tech Specialities For A Great Expatriate Job

  One of the competencies you may have that can go a long way toward landing a great expatriate job is tech experience. There are several distinct tech careers and many of them make you attractive to overseas employers. Here is an overview of some of the more internationally desired tech professionals.       Network and System Administrator Before a company can do anything internall ...

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Which Is The Best Country For Construction Workers?

  The future of the worldwide construction industry appears promising, forecast to reach $10.5 trillion by 2023 and employing more than 220 million people or 7% of total global employment. The primary drivers of this market’s growth are rising home starts and increased infrastructure as a result of increasing urbanization and population expansion.      Work Wear Guru takes a look at ...

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