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employment contract as an expat

Employment Contract For Expats: What You Should Know

Embarking on a journey as an expat can be an exhilarating and fulfilling adventure. But with the excitement comes a unique set of obstacles, such as adapting to a foreign legal and cultural landscape. This is where understanding your employment contract becomes essential. And if you are already struggling with it, this blog will help....

internship abroad

How To Stay Healthy During Your Internship Abroad

Having an internship abroad can be so rewarding! Not only will you have the opportunity to learn from some of the best experts in the field, but you will also have the opportunity to meet new people and immerse in a completely different culture than yours. These new experiences will enrich your life in many...

LinkedIn profile for an international move.

Preparing Your LinkedIn Profile For An International Move

LinkedIn is one of the most important sources of new roles today. When moving abroad it is important to ensure your LinkedIn profile gives the right message. This infographic from Hansen & Company gives top tips on preparing your LinkedIn profile for an international move.

travel abroad

Essential Things To Carry When You Travel Abroad For A Job

Traveling abroad for work is both necessary for your career and fun for your personal life. This is a great way to learn a lot of new and useful business tricks, gain new work experience and impress your employers while also exploring new cultures, making connections, and broadening your network. However, being away from home...

Job Opportunities At Disney

Top Job Opportunities At Disney For Expatriates

Disney has three types of international programs, but only two can get you a job in the magical kingdom if you live in a different country. These are the Cultural Exchange Program (CEP) and the Cultural Representative Program (CRP), and they are designed to bring in young people (over 18 years old) from specific...

Technology layoffs in Spain

Record Technology Layoffs In Spain. What About Foreign Employees?

The technology labor market in Spain is at a time of high demand, with over 120,000 vacancies to be filled according to data from DigitalES (software development, AI, Cloud, cybersecurity, Big Data, are some of the most prominent). Technology companies are still hiring more foreign staff, allowing Spain to consolidate as a digital talent Hub...

Strong customer relationships

How Expat Businesses Build Strong Customer Relationships

Expansion of a business into the international market will increase sales and profit. However, as a business owner, spreading your tentacles to the international community can be difficult. One of the most important aspects of running your own business is managing and building strong customer relationships. There are many benefits linked directly to the...

starting a business abroad

Top 5 Things To Do Before You Start A Business Abroad

Are you tired of your corporate 9 to 5, bored in your town, or want to expand your business to a new market? If you answered any of these questions with a firm “yes” it is time to consider starting a business abroad. Even though many entrepreneurs dream about running a business in another,...

international expat contractors

International Expat Contractors: The Easiest Way For Good Work?

With the advent of remote work, businesses can hire the best and brightest people worldwide as expats. Working remotely eliminates the requirement for team members to be in the same physical location or office. The old rules about everyone needing to clock in and clock out simultaneously no longer apply. There are skilled expat individuals...

driving jobs

Most Profitable Driving Jobs For Expatriates

If you have good driving skills and want to see the world, you’re on the right path. Driving doesn’t change much from one country to another (with a few exceptions), and daily practice is what makes you better.  Plus, when you’re used to driving in different areas of the world, you’re already a valuable asset for...


The Best Locations Across The Globe To Be A Freelancer In 2023 

New research by Craft Documents has revealed the top locations to work and live as a freelancer around the world in 2023.   With the rise of freelancing, workers now have the option to work from home, in a co-working space or anywhere with good internet connectivity.  As 84 per cent of businesses believe freelancers can add...

employee engagement

How Work Environment Affects Expat Employee Engagement

Highly engaged employees always have a positive attitude toward their employer’s goals, business context, mission, values, and corporate culture. They constantly strive to improve their performance and help their colleagues to improve as well. High levels of enthusiasm and employee efficiency make a more profitable turnover. How a Positive Work Environment Impacts...