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International Expat Contractors: The Easiest Way For Good Work?

With the advent of remote work, businesses can hire the best and brightest people worldwide as expats. Working remotely eliminates the requirement for team members to be in the same physical location or office. The old rules about everyone needing to clock in and clock out simultaneously no longer apply. There are skilled expat individuals at work ...

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Common Jobs at a Startup (and How To Get Hired)

  Startups are growing rapidly nowadays. But in order to make it successful, you need a proper team. You may see many startups making money but you know why startups fail? They don’t have the right team to make their business successful. 82% of successful business owners admit they have the right qualifications and the experience to run a company, even with limited cash flow.     So ...

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Europe’s Best Life-Work Balance Nations

  Life-work balance is an evolving definition, designed to challenge and change the way we juggle our personal lives alongside the demands of our careers. In their latest data study, global hiring specialists Remote have coined the term to help workers put their life before the pressure of the job.          Many nations in Europe recognise the shifting tide of work, having ...

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How To Explain A Gap In Your CV

  There can be many reasons why you have a gap in your CV and many try to hide the reasons feeling it will reduce their chances of getting the next job even if the gap was for a valid reason.   How should you deal with the career break?       Illness, accident, caring for a sick or injured family member or simply choosing to take time to look after your child.  All are legitima ...

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Top 15 Countries With Digital Nomad Visas

  Digital nomad visas are a new way to live and work remotely in a different country. Read on to discover how these visas help travelers to live and work abroad. Learn about the top digital nomad visa countries and find out where and how to apply for these countries’ digital nomad visas.       This article was written for Expat Network by Emily Cotlier of  International Citizen ...

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5 Career Options for People Who Want To Work Remotely

There are more digital nomads emerging across the world. Many companies that required employees to report in person, are now giving people the option to work remotely 100% of the time. This is a great opportunity for those who love to travel and want to become expatriates. If freelancing isn’t for you, you can still have all the benefits of working for a company, while doing your job from anywhere ...

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 5 Great Places To Work And Meet Up With Other Expats

Working as an expat comes with some emotional difficulties, especially if you travel abroad alone. The thought of being far away from loved ones can creep into your subconscious and get in the way of your job in your first days abroad. Making friends at work who are in the same situation as yours and getting out of your workspace to meet other expats in a collective, inspiring work environment can ...

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6 Tips For Becoming An Expat Executive And Adapting To A New Country

  As an executive, you’ve likely traveled all over the globe for business, and possibly enjoyed many aspects of corporate travel. However, being an expat executive is nowhere near the same. Moving to a different country comes with new languages and customs, new business cultures and professional expectations, as well as a unique world far away and entirely different from yours.     ...

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Student Resume Examples

  Preparing a CV for a student might be overwhelming. Whichever job you’re applying for, your primary issue is the same: you’re up against many people, and most of them would have better working qualifications than you. So what strategy are you going to use to overcome that? The solution is straightforward. By generating a flawless student resume. One which dazzles every recruiter ...

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How Professional CV Writing Can Help You Get A Job Abroad

At some point in our lives, we all need to use a curriculum vitae. A good CV is crucial to the kind of response you get after applying for a job. Your CV speaks for you in your absence, and you need to make sure it represents you well. Many people write their resumes, but in recent times people have started employing professional CV writing services. This is more common for people looking to work ...

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