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Moving to Spain – Working

So, you are moving to Spain!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Spain we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

Issues To Consider When Assessing A Salary Abroad

You just got a job offer that looks sweet in so many ways. Before you jump at the chance, think about all of the issues that should be considered when assessing what salary will be required when you take up a role abroad. Once you consider all of the following helpful tips, you will then…

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Getting A Social Security Number In Spain

Anyone who works or studies in Spain is required to have a social security number. This number (número de afiliación de la seguridad social) gives you access to the social security services and healthcare in Spain. Social security is generally paid for by the employer. Once you have been entered into the system the number…

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Preparing For A Skype Or Telephone Interview

As more and more companies now use Skype or telephone interviews during their recruitment process, it’s likely that at some stage you will receive this invitation.  By CV Knowhow Senior CV Consultant – Jen David While the normal rules of interview preparation still apply, you should also bear the following points in mind. Make sure…

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Making Best Use Of Your LinkedIn Profile

With more than 500 million users in over 200 countries, LinkedIn is a great tool for building a professional network, getting yourself noticed by recruiters and promoting yourself within your industry.  By CV Knowhow Senior CV Consultant – Jen David You’ll first need to set up your profile. Treat this as you would a CV…

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CV for a job overseas

How To Write A CV For A Job Overseas

You probably have a good idea of what’s expected on a CV in your own country, but when applying for international jobs there are a few additional points to bear in mind.   Here is how to write a CV for a job overseas. By CV Knowhow Senior CV Consultant – Jen David The most important…

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