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Moving to Portugal – Relocating

So, you are moving to Portugal!

So you are moving to Portugal! Make the transition work better with this free-to-download, full-colour guide. Your Guide To Living In Portugal provides you with guidance on the issues you will need to address as you plan your move, whether that is to retire, buy a second property or simply enjoy a whole new life.

Keeping Your Home Number Abroad

Keeping Your Home Number Abroad: An Expatriate’s Guide

Understand how VoIP lets you keep your country’s phone number anywhere worldwide. We will cover how VoIP transforms expatriate communication by enabling the retention of your home phone number anywhere in the world. This guide delves into VoIP’s main advantages, from global connectivity to always-on access to SMS messages, explaining what makes it an excellent…

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renting in portugal

Everything You Should Know About Renting In Portugal

Whatever reason you have for taking the plunge and moving abroad, there’s a lot of planning that goes into it. One of the most important things you should arrange before you make the big move is where you are going to live. But, how does renting accommodation in Portugal compare to your home country?  Written…

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move to Portugal

Things To Consider Before Making The Move To Portugal

  Portugal is becoming a popular destination for retirees and digital nomads. ExpatNetwork spoke with Kathleen Lo, co-founder of Bordr, who support people moving to Portugal, about her experience moving to Portugal from the US as a location-independent entrepreneur.       Why did you decide to move to Portugal? My husband and I had…

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customs requirements

Customs Requirements In Portugal

Portuguese customs require that the owner of goods be present in Portugal before your the shipment arrives for inspection, and that the shipment arrive no later than 90 days from the date of the owner’s arrival. All household effects and furniture belonging to those relocating to Portugal are admitted duty-free, if proof can be presented…

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Planning Travel To Portugal

Most travellers will choose to fly direct to one of the country’s three major international airports: Lisbon, Porto and Faro. When planning to buy or sell property in Portugal, proximity to one of these can adversely or favourably affect the price. Any location within an hour’s drive is usually an acceptable distance – beyond that,…

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Moving Pets to Portugal

When taking a pet from an EU country or from non-EU countries into Portugal the EU rules apply.  This requires vaccination against rabies to be documented in the pet passport or the animal health certificate.  This is the sole requirement for dogs, cats and ferrets to travel across EU borders, with certain exceptions.   Pets…

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Moving To A New Home

How To Streamline The Process Of Moving To A New Home

Moving to a new country across the world can be both an exciting and overwhelming experience. From packing up your belongings and saying goodbye to friends and family, to filling out all the paperwork for transferring utilities — the process of moving internationally can become quite complicated. However, being organized ahead of time can make…

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portuguese language

The Portuguese Language & Integration

The Portuguese language is the sixth-most widely spoken in the world, with some 230 million people using it as their native tongue (190 million in its former colony Brazil). It is the official language of eight countries on four continents and is the third most spoken European language after English and Spanish. It is not…

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Reviews from local expats

Researching Life Abroad: Why Reviews From Local Expats Can Help

Moving abroad is an exciting adventure that captures the imagination. The lure of exotic new lands, fascinating cultures and a life less ordinary is tempting. Who hasn’t daydreamed about leaving routine behind for something new? However, transforming a dream into reality requires some careful research beforehand. Diving into life in a new country without truly…

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Getting Connected in Portugal

How to get telephone and internet connections in Portugal. Telephone The main provider of telephone lines in Portugal is the formerly government-owned Portugal Telecom.  Most other providers of telephone and internet services run their service through Portugal Telecom’s lines. Portugal Telecom will provide a telephone line or if one is already in place you will…

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