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Moving to New Zealand – What You Need to Know

New Zealand

So, you are moving to New Zealand!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in New Zealand we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

expats can benefit from self-storage

How Expats Can Benefit From Self-Storage

People frequently encounter various difficulties when they relocate to a new nation for employment, education, or other reasons. Discovering a location to keep their possessions is one of the biggest obstacles. Storage presents specific difficulties for expats in particular. Making a long-term rental commitment may be challenging since you may not be certain how long…

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Relocating To New Zealand

5 Things To Consider Before Relocating To New Zealand

  In a world in which there is greater mobility, and more opportunities to work remotely than ever before, being able to live in a location where you can achieve a better work/life balance naturally has great appeal.  For a growing number of people, there are now modes of working that essentially make it possible…

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Accessing Healthcare When You Retire Abroad

Retiring abroad is a major decision and one of the key issues if we are to get the best out of life in retirement wherever we are is access to good quality healthcare.  The accessibility of healthcare should be one of the key factors in the decision on where to retire. There can be a…

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moving abroad

Things To Consider When Moving Abroad

  Moving abroad is a brilliant opportunity to learn more about other cultures and yourself. Stepping out and taking this giant leap of faith can easily grant you the opportunity to have many new experiences while allowing you to explore a terrain that is otherwise unknown to you.       However, moving abroad is…

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The NZeTA: Which Conditions Do I Need To Meet?

  A visa is necessary to enter New Zealand, but the exact type of visa you need largely depends on the length and purpose of your visit. If you are travelling to New Zealand for tourism or business, you can apply for a NZeTA. But what exactly does the New Zealand e-visa entail and what…

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coping with expat depression

7 Tips for Coping With Expat Depression

  It is widespread for expats to lack the proper mental health care coverage abroad. Some locations even lack access to mental health professionals and institutions for everyone, not just expats. And even if you end up in a place where counseling is available, like a school in case you are studying abroad, it’s most likely only going…

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expat families

Why Expat Families Should Stick To Their Family Rituals?

When moving to another country and wanting to build a life there, you must adapt to numerous completely new things. Those could be a new language, school or working environment, manners, food, roles in society, and so on. However, as much as adapting can sound good, it’s crucial to maintain a balance. Fitting in is…

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moving abroad with pets

Tips For Expats Moving Abroad With Pets In 2022

  Planning to start a new chapter? Are you taking your pet with you? Do you know the laws related to moving abroad with pets? Well, now is the right time to find out, especially if it involves any furry companions you might bring with you, be that overseas or offshore.        …

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body and health

Why Should You Look After Your Body and Health?

  No matter how minor your health problems are, they can obstruct or even overwhelm other aspects of your life. Even simple health conditions like aches, pains, fatigue, and indigestion can have a negative impact on your happiness and stress levels. One option for increasing your capacity to manage stress and feel better is to…

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longer life

Things to Stop Doing If You Want a Longer Life

  Whether you’re in your 20s or 30s, or in your 60s, 70s, or beyond, there are a number of things you may pledge to do to “slow down” your biological clock if you want a longer life. In fact, studies demonstrate that it’s never too late to start practicing healthful practices.      …

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