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Moving to Spain – Lifestyle

So, you are moving to Spain!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Spain we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

Learn Spanish

5 Dumb Reasons To Learn Spanish

Hola amigos and amigas, formigos and formigas. We’ve already made a serious post, admittedly mostly for robots, and entirely in French, about why learning Spanish is a good idea. Now that we’ve pleased our SEO overlords, allow us to present a less serious set of reasons to learn the language of Neruda and Iglesias. Without further ado, here are 5 stupid reasons…

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expat partner

The Impact Of Giving Up Your Job To Become An Expat Partner

Not everyone outside the expat community responds positively when you talk about being an expat. Sometimes judgement is apparent; you can be seen as a spoiled, stay-at-home expat partner with no material needs or wants, spending lazy afternoons at the pool-side sipping cocktails with friends. This may or may not have been true many decades…

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Foreign Income In Spain

Are Expats Obliged To Declare Their Foreign Income In Spain?

Since 2013, the Spanish tax authority has required every person having a tax residence in Spain to declare all foreign assets using the 720 Form. The original purpose of this measure was to fight fraud and discover all hidden assets that belonged to Spanish citizens. But in practice, the obligation to submit 720 has become…

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What Americans Don't Know About Living in Europe

What Americans Don’t Know About Living In Europe

  Visiting Europe has long been a kind of rite of passage for Americans. It’s somewhat ironic since many Americans are descended from people who went to great lengths to leave Europe.  Still, Americans feel a kind of propriety over their ancient motherland, like they know Europe, perhaps better than the Europeans do.  Even a…

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top Spain blogs

Top Spain Blogs From UK Expats

  MoneyTransfers.com have created a list of the Top 20 blogs from UK expats giving their insight into life as an expat in various locations around the world.  Here we publish the listing of the top Spain blogs and the general expat blogs with a brief description of each.       Originally published by…

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teach English in Spain

How To Teach English In Spain As An American

  If the ongoing coronavirus pandemic has you wanting to escape in the coming months or years, teaching English in Spain could be the ticket to fulfilling your sense of adventure. Of course, moving abroad during a pandemic presents its share of challenges, but these tips will help you navigate the process from start to…

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Expat City Ranking

Spain Dominates Expat City Ranking

  The Expat City Ranking 2020 Top 10 is dominated by Spanish destinations with Valencia top, Alicante runner-up and Malaga and Madrid also in the top ten.  With Lisbon coming in third in the ranking the Iberian Peninsula shows its clear attractions.       All five cities see some of their best results in…

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Digital Nomad

Life As A Digital Nomad – A Personal Perspective

Becoming a digital nomad is an increasingly popular option and the pandemic has made many people digital nomads as they work from home even if they are unfamiliar with the term.  Here I share my experience of moving to Spain to take advantage of my ability to live as a digital nomad. Written by Nigel…

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costa blanca

Costa Blanca And South East Spain: Popular Areas

Many expats looking to settle in Spain to live, work or retire are attracted by the climate and lifestyle to the Costa Blanca and the regions of South East Spain.  Here Girasol Homes outline the attractions of these popular resorts and cities. Written by Nigel Salmon, Founder and MD, Girasol Homes   Alicante The property…

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costa del sol

Attractions Of The Costa Del Sol: Popular Areas

The southern coast of Spain, known as the Costa del Sol is one of the most popular travel destinations in all Europe. Named for the wonderful climate and the 300+ days of sunshine each year and mountain ranges that run the length of the region provide all year-round moderate temperatures like no other in Europe….

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