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Moving to Australia? Get our guide!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Australia we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

identity theft

6 Tools Expats Can Use To Protect Themselves Against Identity Theft

  Everyone should find ways to protect their personal information online. This is especially true for expats and others who are living abroad. Here are six tools expats can use to protect themselves against identity theft.         1. Education While it’s not as high tech as other common identity theft protection tools,…

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live well as an expatriate

How To Live Well As An Expatriate

  There can be numerous advantages to moving to another country, from better financial prospects to fleeing a crisis. While there are potential advantages, there are also plenty of challenges facing expatriates living in a new country. Overcoming these challenges is essential to achieving your initial goals and a higher quality of life, and these…

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Coworking And Coliving – For Remote Workers And Digital Nomads

  Remote working can give the freedom to work anywhere leading to the growth in digital nomads, but takes away the communal element of the traditional office.  Coworking in shared offices is a practical option and coliving takes it to the next level where you live and work in an environment with others looking for…

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top Australia blogs

Top Australia Blogs From UK Expats

    MoneyTransfers.com have created a list of the Top 20 blogs from UK expats giving their insight into life as an expat in various locations around the world.  Here we publish their article listing these blogs with a brief description of each.     Originally published by MoneyTransfers.com and re-published here with their agreement….

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Craft Markets Australia

Craft Markets Australia – Check Out Our Virtual Marketplace!

Craft Markets Australia is proud to be known as one of the oldest craft and design markets in Victoria, starting in 1975 on the picturesque Mornington Peninsula. Over 45 years we’ve been committed to a simple philosophy: to provide high-quality market experiences in some of Victoria’s most beautiful locations. Forced to cancel our markets for…

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Scarborough Beach, Western Australia

Scarborough Beach, Western Australia. Find Your Place In The Sun!

Scarborough Beach, Western Australia. Whether you’re returning home to Australia, or planning a new chapter living there, Altum Living is building a dream lifestyle for your arrival. If you still call Australia home – or you’ve ever wanted to – there’s never been a better time to enjoy its safe, sunny, friendly shores. And for…

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Getting Connected In Australia

Getting connected – organising mobile phones (cellphones) for yourself and your family members, together with broadband for your new home –  will be one of your first and most important tasks when arriving in the Australia.    Electricity Mains voltage in Australia is 230V 50Hz. Most countries in Europe, Asia and Africa have appliances that…

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Lifestyle in Australia

Culture and Lifestyle In Australia

Australia’s aboriginal population first arrived around 50,000 years ago and continue to have a strong influence on Australian culture. The British began their colonisation in 1788 and this has led to the development of Australia’s highly westernised contemporary culture.   The original British occupation of Australia as a penal colony was followed by many subsequent…

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cost of living

An Expat’s Guide To Cost Of Living In Australia

In her article Swati Iyer looks at the cost of living in Australia covering costs related to renting and buying a home, utilities, food and drink, getting around in a car or on public transport, as well as childcare and education costs.  We have created a series of articles to help those planning to move…

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food & drink

The Cost of Food & Drink, Recreation And Entertainment In Australia

In her article Swati Iyer looks at the cost of living in Australia.  Here we cover the costs of food & drink, recreation and entertainment. Taken from an article written by Swati Iyer for Instarem   Food & Drink As with many other items, the prices of food and drink items vary across Australia. On average,…

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