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Choosing The Perfect British Schools For International Families

Regardless of our background, social status, or cultural upbringing, there is one thing that can unite everyone around the world… a will to provide a better future for our children. The primary years spent growing physically and mentally are vital for every person’s own journey in life. As parents it’s a large responsibility to do...

property in portugal

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Property In Portugal For Retirement

How does your perfect day in retirement look? What about a morning spent exploring the local market, a lazy afternoon in the sun at the beach – just a short walk from home – and then sitting out in the balmy evening temperatures with good food and wine? For Brits who retire to Portugal, every...

Luxury villa Madeira Portugal

Top Tips For Investing In The Perfect Villa

Buying a villa abroad is the perfect way to enjoy your retirement, in a home away from home with months of sunshine. For those preferring not to move permanently, owning a home abroad is also an opportunity to earn some extra income through holiday rentals. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Peter Jenkins of Sun-Hat...