Top Tips For Investing In The Perfect Villa

Buying a villa abroad is the perfect way to enjoy your retirement, in a home away from home with months of sunshine. For those preferring not to move permanently, owning a home abroad is also an opportunity to earn some extra income through holiday rentals.

Written exclusively for Expat Network by Peter Jenkins of Sun-Hat Villas & Resorts


To make sure you get the most out of the investment, managing director and founder of Sun-hat Villas & Resorts, Peter Jenkins, shares his top tips for renting out your property abroad.


The best location

Location is everything for a villa, and providing you choose a good spot, there can be the opportunity to rent out for over 25 weeks, rather than the usual 12-week summer season. Whether you want a bustling city-break villa or beachside oasis, a villa should be in walking distance to local amenities such as shops, markets, family friendly restaurants and healthcare facilities. If you are planning to stay in the villa for a few months of the year yourself, then it’s important to register with a local GP, and have the correct health insurance in place.

Good transport links are also very important, as they allow your guests to explore the wider area, including attractions such as theme parks and shopping centres, as well as helping you get around easily and stress-free.


Finding a showstopper

First impressions are important and a property that can wow not only your family, but also holidaymakers online, can boost bookings as well as the amount you can charge in rental income. When searching, look for factors that will make the villa stand out among others in the area – these could include interesting architectural features, large secluded gardens, or breath-taking views. Families and groups favour bigger villas, so while you may not want extra rooms, you should think about what might prove popular during peak season. When not in use, those extra rooms will prove perfect storage spaces for bulky items such as outdoor furniture


Future-proof properties

If you’re planning to live in your villa for part of the year, you should plan out the practicalities first. Large spaces, both indoor and outdoor, will mean more maintenance and upkeep – working with a villa rental company however, will mean that it’s one less thing for you to worry about.

Safety of both indoor and outdoor areas is important for families too, giving parents peace of mind for their children’s safety while on holiday. They need to know that their children will be safe – so as well as thinking about your own needs, make sure you think about how you can accommodate even the youngest of guests.


Take a dip

A private pool is an exciting prospect for any holidaymaker, but a heated pool makes the property even more attractive to those who want to enjoy a dip during the chillier months. Installing a pool heater not only lets you swim in the evening, but also opens up for potential bookings in April, May, September and October – months that are typically cheaper for travel, and thus becoming more popular for those seeking warmer climes abroad.


A style for everyone

Holidaymakers expect modern creature comforts such as free Wi-Fi, air conditioning and USB charge ports. Areas such as the kitchen and bathroom should be modernised and be kept up-to-date as much as possible, making sure each appliance is clean and in full working order. Neutral colours are a safe bet if you want to appeal to more guests, but to add some personality, accessorise with timeless furnishings and decorations. For a nod to the local area, scour the local antiques markets for objects to pay homage to the area’s history and culture.