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Visa Requirements To Work In France

Visa Requirements To Work In France

If you plan to work in France you will need a work permit.  You will need to find the job first as it is the employer who has to submit the application for a work permit.  In this article we set out the visa requirements to work in France. EU/EFTA citizens do not need to...

Schengen visa

When And How Do I Apply For A Schengen Visa?

Non-EU citizens who have not been granted residence in an EU country, who are planning to enter the EU (and other member countries) for a short visit will need a Schengen Visa. What are the options available and how do you apply? A Schengen visa allows you to enter any of...

visa requirements

Passport And Visa Requirements To Live And Work In France

A passport valid for three months beyond the intended stay and issued within the last ten years is required by anyone entering France unless you are from another EU country. EU citizens must hold a passport of national ID card which is valid for the duration of the stay. Although EU nationals travelling from another...