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Moving to Spain – Working

So, you are moving to Spain!

Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joining family in Spain we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

Technology layoffs in Spain

Record Technology Layoffs In Spain. What About Foreign Employees?

The technology labor market in Spain is at a time of high demand, with over 120,000 vacancies to be filled according to data from DigitalES (software development, AI, Cloud, cybersecurity, Big Data, are some of the most prominent). Technology companies are still hiring more foreign staff, allowing Spain to consolidate as a digital talent Hub…

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expat job hunting tips

6 Expat Job Hunting Tips To Get Your Dream Job

  Almost all of us have been taught by our parents to continue our education so that we can have the perfect job that impacts both our own lives and the rest of society. As we get older, we really want to find our dream job, even if that dream job leads us to a…

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job search that works for expats

How To Find The Right Type Of Job Search That Works For Expats

  Expats are often faced with different experiences in their job search. While companies may be fighting to recruit some intelligent minds out there, some other job seekers may have to put up a valiant effort to find a good fit. Many expat job seekers employ different means to look for available vacancies in their…

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international career

How To Write A Resume For An International Career

  Resume expectations differ significantly in various countries and regions around the world, so it’s important to prepare your resume for the specific country where you hope to work. Research the resume customs of your target region, check out resume examples to help you get started, and adjust your resume accordingly to maximize your chances…

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Moving Your Business Abroad

Essential Things To Consider When Moving Your Business Abroad

  A company can decide to move to a different country for various reasons. The business owner might be moving themselves and want to take the business with them, or the potential financial benefits could simply make relocation an attractive prospect. Regardless of the motive, one thing is for certain – moving your business abroad…

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How To Explain A Gap In Your CV

  There can be many reasons why you have a gap in your CV and many try to hide the reasons feeling it will reduce their chances of getting the next job even if the gap was for a valid reason.   How should you deal with the career break?       Illness, accident, caring…

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move to work in Spain

Move To Work in Spain

Spain with it’s climate, lifestyle and welcoming people is popular with people looking to move abroad.  Many retire to Spain but there are also many people who choose to move to work in Spain so that they can have a new lifestyle for themselves and their family. What are the rules and how can you…

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Spanish Visa And Residence For Audiovisual Or Artistic Professionals

The audiovisual industry has been undergoing a global revolution over the last few years, especially in online platforms such as Netflix, HBO, Amazon Prime, Disney, Apple, etc.  In recent years this sector has also been increasingly important in Spain. Some of these companies located abroad are investing in audiovisual projects in Spanish territory that have a…

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5 Reasons TEFL Is The Perfect Job For Expats

  Teaching English abroad has been a popular option for travellers for a number of years, but now more than ever it is a good time to make TEFL work for you. If you’re living in Thailand, Turkey or Tunisia, here are five reasons teaching English as a foreign language is the perfect job for…

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LinkedIn profile picture

Linkedin Profile Picture May Land You A Job

  According to scientists, a person starts to form impressions after seeing someone’s face for less than one-tenth of a second. So whether we like it or not – we all tend to judge books by their cover. Indeed, 71% of recruiters report they rejected a candidate based on their LinkedIn profile picture at least…

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