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Moving to Portugal – Retirement

So, you are moving to Portugal!

So you are moving to Portugal! Make the transition work better with this free-to-download, full-colour guide. Your Guide To Living In Portugal provides you with guidance on the issues you will need to address as you plan your move, whether that is to retire, buy a second property or simply enjoy a whole new life.

currency risks

Top Tips For Managing Currency Risks When Retiring Abroad

Retiring to a life overseas, comes with many important considerations, not least of all how to manage the exchange and international transfer of your money, be it accumulated savings or ongoing income. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Tom Arnold of Currency Index   There are various options open to you in terms of the…

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retirement abroad

Expats – Plan Your Retirement Abroad

Many expats having spent a proportion or all of their career abroad get used to a different climate and lifestyle and do not feel drawn back to their home country when considering their retirement.  There are many options for retiring and it is a very personal decision on where to retire.  For some retiring where…

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inspirational destinations,

13 Inspirational Destinations To Visit When You Retire

  For many people, travel is more than a favourite hobby. It’s a yearning to want to go and see amazing new places, understand different cultures and maybe even learn a new language. Unfortunately, family commitments, career aspirations and mortgage obligations often get in the way. Life happens and that trip of a lifetime to…

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UK pensions

How Will Your UK Pension Be Taxed If You Move To Europe?

  Many Britons have been putting their retirement plans to sunny southern Europe on hold for two or more years while the UK extracts itself from the EU.  Covid lockdowns mean the opportunities to sell a UK home and buy a property in Europe have been limited.  The ending of travel restrictions will release pent-up…

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Retire abroad

Tips For Those That Want To Retire Abroad

  Retiring might sound like an amazing idea as you go to work every day. Yet, once the reality kicks in, you may wonder how to keep busy during retirement. One answer to enhancing this golden period of your life could be to move abroad and live a life in the sun. How easy it…

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cost of living

Cost Of Living While Retiring Abroad

A lower cost of living is one of the factors when people consider retiring abroad.   There are many countries where the cost of living is lower than in the UK, but the decision is always about having a lower cost to live the life that you want to live rather than finding the cheapest place…

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retirement abroad

Top Ten Tips To Settle Into Retirement Abroad

Settling in to living abroad can be a challenge at any time, but if you are also getting used to retirement after a long and active career, it can be even more difficult to achieve.  Knowing what to expect can help to manage the transition and here we give our top ten tips to settling…

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property in portugal

3 Reasons Why You Should Buy A Property In Portugal For Retirement

How does your perfect day in retirement look? What about a morning spent exploring the local market, a lazy afternoon in the sun at the beach – just a short walk from home – and then sitting out in the balmy evening temperatures with good food and wine? For Brits who retire to Portugal, every…

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retirement abroad

Top Ten Tips When Planning Your Retirement Abroad

Retiring abroad is increasingly popular with estimates ranging from 10% of people in the UK considering retiring abroad to over 30%.  Moving to a warmer climate with a lower cost of living enabling you to enjoy a more active retirement can be a very attractive proposition.  It is, however, a major life decision and should…

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social security

How to Arrange Your US Social Security Retirement Benefit

Over half a million people receive some kind of Social Security benefit abroad, including retired and disabled workers, as well as spouses, widows, widowers, and children. If you retire abroad you can receive your Social Security payments outside the United States as long as you are eligible and live in a country where payment is…

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