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Whether you are emigrating, taking a short term assignment or joint family in France we have put together the information you will need to make your move a smooth one.

flying while pregnant

6 Tips To Stay Safe When Flying While Pregnant

  The ongoing coronavirus pandemic and its impact on different parts of the world continue to flood our news and social media. You’re probably wondering how COVID-19 could affect your loved ones, especially if you have a young baby or are currently pregnant. On top of that, if you have travel plans coming up, you…

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mental health

Impact Of Taking On An International Assignment On Mental Health

A major new piece of research* by AXA Global Healthcare has shed light on the impact that working on an international business assignment has upon mental health. Of the 500 international workers who were surveyed in seven different countries, just one-in-ten (10%) said that working abroad has had a negative impact on their mental health….

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how to stop worrying

How To Stop Worrying And Feel Better As An Expat

Are you worried? Are you feeling lonely? Do you work elsewhere and already miss your loved ones? You are not alone. People worry all the time; it is only human to worry. However, if not regulated, mild worrying can easily transition to chronic worrying and eventually cause panic disorder, anxiety, and depression, especially if you…

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screen time

3 In 4 Agree Restricting Screen Time At Work Would Benefit Their Wellbeing

With more employees currently working from home due to the Covid-19 pandemic, workers are now more reliant on technology than ever before according to a recent report. The report explores how the use of technology was impacting employee well-being before the pandemic began and reveals how we can make adjustments to our relationship with digital…

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fit and healthy

How Expats Can Stay Fit And Healthy At Home

As expats across the globe continue to be isolated in their homes, keeping up with physical fitness is quickly becoming an overwhelming concern, especially for those who are used to regularly visiting the gym and enjoy staying active. Exercise is not only important for physical fitness, however. Getting your heart pumping is also extremely beneficial…

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Nine In Ten Expats Feel Isolated

This World Mental Health Day, new research from AXA – Global Healthcare suggests that many expats have struggled with life overseas.  The research reveals that almost nine in ten (87%) expats have felt isolated during their time abroad, with half (48%) of those saying that missing friends and family was the primary reason. Written for…

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Taking Care Of Your Mental Health Overseas

Why is expat mental health important? Expat mental health is a critical issue to address because it is the foundation for happiness and satisfaction abroad.  International life presents a unique set of experiences for the expat that can affect mental health.   This article was written exclusively for Expat Network by Therapy Solutions Abroad According to…

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Mental Health Growing Issue For Expats

Mental health is a growing issue for expat workers and their employers, as well as those relocating independently, according to a research study. To ensure expats have the support they need when relocating or working away from their home country, health benefits provider Aetna International is calling for businesses and individuals to take more pre-emptive…

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