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The Best Places To Live In Barcelona

Where are the best places to live in Barcelona? Barcelona is a cosmopolitan city, popular with expats.  Here we look at some of the areas of the city where expats commonly live and set out some of the attractions of each. Barcelona is the second largest city in Spain with a population of around 1.6...

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The Best Places To Live Or Retire In Spain

Having made the decision to move to Spain what will determine which region you choose to live in? Here we set out the attractions of some of the most popular locations to retire, take up a new lifestyle working for yourself as a digital nomad or by using your trade or profession. The capital city...


The Ultimate Guide To Renting In Spain

You did it. The decision is taken. Your flight reservation number has just landed in your inbox. Now the party begins, it’s time to move to España y olé. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Nestpick Just like in any other country, Spain might have a wider fan of renting possibilities in bigger cities or...