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Most Popular US States For European Expats

most popular US states for European expats


In the United States, there are many beautiful and diverse states and cities to live in. Obviously, people coming from abroad are going to have favorites. Some of the most popular US states for European expats include unexpected places where expats feel at home. When you need to decide where to live in the US, you are faced with a wide range of choices.




In addition to the fact that there are many excellent places to live, certain states sure do have some advantages compared to others. Some states stand out as better for various aspects of daily life than others, which we will consider in the following lines.


The states that expats choose most frequently

When it comes to important things when moving to a US state, it is necessary to pay attention to several aspects. Such as the cost of living, healthcare in America, educational institutions, etc.

Depending on your specific needs, the most popular US states for European expats are:

  • Miami, Florida
  • Chicago, Illinois
  • Boston, Massachusetts
  • New York City, New York
  • Los Angeles, California

In all the mentioned states, a high percentage of expats are satisfied with the way of life there. Whether it’s about establishing a balance between life and work or getting used to the local culture – the majority are satisfied.


New York as a promising option

Among the most popular US states – New York is among the most popular. A significant contributor to the state’s popularity is the fact that expats can get there with ease, thanks to a rich choice of long-distance movers. New York represents the state with the highest concentration of expats – which is why you can hear many different languages spoken here. If you are doing a long-distance relocation, you need to secure a visa, choose a city and consider a place to live. In addition to the above, you need to find a proper job and if you have children – ensure their education. When it comes to this, New York can be an ideal choice for education opportunities because of its many excellent schools. Other parts of everyday life, such as neighbors and transport, do not lag in quality!

European expats arrive to New York.

New York has the highest concentration of expats


Advantages of living in New York

Since it is located among the most popular US states for European expats, it is logical that advantages are abundant. Expats will surely enjoy their journey in New York, and there are always new things to explore! The most important benefits include education and employment opportunities, health insurance, entertainment places, and the infrastructure for starting a business. New York is considered the world’s most significant cultural and business hub, and whatever you are looking for, we are sure you will be able to find it here.


Florida as an inexhaustible source of opportunities for expats

Whether of its location, unlimited business opportunities, or many other aspects, Florida has it all. If you are a European expat coming to the US for work, you’ll be interested in finding the best FL cities for a job since many professionals settle here. Thankfully, there are numerous employment opportunities in Florida, so you won’t have trouble finding work. However, that’s not all the Sunshine State has to offer: magnificent coastlines, liberality, the abundance of seafood, Florida’s climate, and the cities of this state known for their welcoming nature toward tourists and expats.

All these things are the reason thousands of European expats are moving to Florida every day. Another deciding factor is that the cost of living in Florida is unusually low. That being said, this is a big plus when choosing where to move. Also, if you are a sports enthusiast, water sports like surfing and sailing will always be available. Talented people in many fields and ambitious people can find their place in this great state since Florida is home to many startups and new businesses. When you think about everything mentioned, Florida represents an ideal option for life, career, and fun activities.


Florida cities with job potential

If you want to advance in your career and constantly improve yourself in a business sense – here are a few cities that could be perfect for you. Considering that the average salary is an important factor – here’s a list of average salaries by the city:

  • Bonita Springs – $68,218
  • Tallahassee – $67,842
  • Miami Beach – $10,283
  • Lakeland – $62,338
  • Sarasota – $64,003
  • Petersburg – $64,087
  • Pembroke Pines – $65,799
  • Gainesville – $66,989
  • Winter Haven – $66,997

Regardless of your profession, you can always get an opportunity in these cities. For example, if we’re talking about communications, agriculture, and police – Tallahassee was made for you. Winter Haven turned out to be excellent when it comes to digital marketing, web development, and marketing in general. We can’t but mention the famous Bonita Springs with the highest average salary. Areas such as sales, economy (thanks to the fact that this city is a tourist attraction), and jobs in the health field contribute to the blossoming economy.



The capital of the Sunshine state surely offers you a wide range of options. Many people enjoy walking in various stunning parks and nature preserves. There are also fairly good chances for both full-time and part-time jobs. When it comes to student jobs, this city can offer much in terms of job quality, which is a great thing. Tallahassee offers women entrepreneurs an outstanding opportunity to succeed, which is exceptional in this day and age. When it comes to finding a place to live, property options are more than excellent.

Tallahassee university building on a sunny day

Tallahassee is a typical university city


To sum up

All in all, there are many states available where you can improve yourself in diverse fieldsThe most popular US states for European expats offer you limitless choices for a rich and fulfilling life. Options like affordable living costs, availability of jobs, and easy customization – will surely win you over. The drawback, if we can call it so, is that it will take you a long time to decide which of these states you will choose, so good luck!