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Less Than 30 Days To File Your UK Self Assessment Tax Return!

  Ideally, you would have completed and filed your 2021/22 UK Self Assessment tax return long before now. You’re probably wishing you had.  But January is here and for whatever reason, you didn’t get around to it. Life’s very busy for sole traders, but don’t worry – you’re not the only one. Each year, about four million people leave filing the ...

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How U.K. Expats Deal With Back Taxes In The US?

  U.K. expats living in the U.S. must deal with the same tax obligations as any American citizen, regardless of whether they reside in the country permanently or temporarily. The IRS taxes U.S.-source income for all taxpayers who have established a “tax residence” in the United States and requires that expats file a tax return every year.       In addition to filing regular U.S ...

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A Comprehensive Guide To Taxation For US Digital Nomads

  As a digital nomad, where you pay taxes depends on your country of residence. According to United States laws, if you are an American citizen, you are still responsible for paying your self-employment tax on your income, no matter where you live. The US is one of the few countries in the world that taxes its residents based on citizenship and not on if you are living there presently.  Here ...

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How Will Making Tax Digital Affect Non-UK Residents And Non-Doms?

  The next stage in the rollout of Making Tax Digital (MTD) will be MTD for Income Tax, which will be introduced in 2026. This will transform the way that self-employed people and landlords pay their taxes in the future.  How should you report foreign sources of income, and how are you affected if you’re a non-UK resident or a non-dom? Keep reading this helpful guide to learn more about MTD f ...

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7 Things You Should Know About Small Business Taxes in America

  Making key financial decisions for your business is hard enough as it is, but money matters become increasingly complex when you start throwing in tax terminology and filing practices. But if you’re setting up an online business, it’s a good idea to speak to a professional accountant before submitting your small business taxes in America. That way, you can maximize your deductions, submit y ...

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What Tax Do Landlords Pay On UK Rental Income?

  There are about 2.6m private landlords in the UK, and although some have large, lucrative property portfolios, 43% of private residential landlords in England rent out just one property. About 39% rent out two to four properties, while 18% rent out five or more. It’s a similar story elsewhere in the UK.  What tax do landlords pay on UK rental income?       Written for Expat N ...

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UK Inheritance Tax And Domicile – What You Need To Know Today

  UK inheritance tax follows you around the world since it’s based on domicile, not residence. You could live abroad long term and still be liable for this legacy tax. Here, Blevins Franks look at key facts about UK inheritance tax and domicile and how it could affect your intended heirs.        Written by Jason Porter of Blevins Franks  Data released by HM Revenue & Customs (HM ...

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How Much UK Rental Income Is Tax-Free If You Are Living Overseas?

  It’s a dream that many people in Britain have. Move to another country, somewhere sunnier, to work or retire. For those who choose to live their dream, living overseas is often made possible to a greater or lesser extent by UK rental income they earn from UK property, one or more, which may include the former family home.         Written for Expat Network by GoSimp ...

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Guide To Taxes For Expats: What To Know When Moving Abroad

  Each year, thousands of professionals make the decision to relocate and work abroad. This could be for a variety of reasons, from career progression to the desire to broaden one’s cultural horizons. But while becoming an expat has the potential to better both your personal and professional life, it isn’t a decision to be made lightly.  Here is a guide to taxes for expats.       Emigrat ...

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Making Tax Digital For Income Tax – Should You Start To Prepare Now?

  All VAT-registered businesses in the UK must now meet new reporting requirements introduced as a consequence of Making Tax Digital. If you don’t run a VAT-registered business, Making Tax Digital won’t have affected you so far. You may not have even heard of Making Tax Digital.       Written for Expats Network by GoSimpleTax   However, if you report income and pay tax via ...

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