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currency risks

Top Tips For Managing Currency Risks When Retiring Abroad

Retiring to a life overseas, comes with many important considerations, not least of all how to manage the exchange and international transfer of your money, be it accumulated savings or ongoing income. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Tom Arnold of Currency Index There are various options open to you in terms of the...

retirement abroad

Expats – Plan Your Retirement Abroad

Many expats having spent a proportion or all of their career abroad get used to a different climate and lifestyle and do not feel drawn back to their home country when considering their retirement. There are many options for retiring and it is a very personal decision on where to retire. For some retiring where...

UK pensions

How Will Your UK Pension Be Taxed If You Move To Europe?

Many Britons have been putting their retirement plans to sunny southern Europe on hold for two or more years while the UK extracts itself from the EU. Covid lockdowns mean the opportunities to sell a UK home and buy a property in Europe have been limited. The ending of travel restrictions will release pent-up...