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Why Hiking And Fishing Are Must-Try Activities For Every Expat

hiking and fishing

The experience of living in a foreign country can be exhilarating yet daunting for expatriates. It offers a unique chance to immerse oneself in a new culture and way of life. However, it also comes with challenges like homesickness, language barriers, and cultural adjustments. One of the best ways to sooth these feelings and embrace all a new locale has to offer is by indulging in recreational outdoor activities like hiking and fishing. Here’s a comprehensive look at why hiking and fishing are must-try activities for every expat.

Engaging in the Local Culture

Fishing and hiking are activities that are popular in various parts of the world and can be an incredible way to immerse oneself into the local culture. Whether it’s meeting locals during a hiking excursion, learning about indigenous fishing techniques, or even joining a local angling or hiking club, these experiences can lead to a deeper understanding and appreciation of your new home.

Psychological and Physical Health Benefits

Engaging in outdoor activities contributes significantly both to physical and mental wellbeing. Neither hiking nor fishing requires substantial physical prowess, making them accessible to most individuals. The benefits of hiking are particularly diverse, with physical benefits including improved heart health, increased muscle tone and enhanced balance and coordination. The mental benefits of hiking are equally substantial. Research shows that spending time in nature can reduce stress, anxiety and depression, fostering an overall sense of wellbeing.

The Tranquility of Fishing

Most expats are either working executives or retirees. Fishing presents an opportunity for these people to transition smoothly. For the working expat, fishing offers a peaceful refuge away from the hustle and bustle of everyday corporate life. In these quiet times, you can clear your mind, problem-solve, and think creatively, all while soaking in the scenic beauty of your surroundings. Retirees, on the other hand, will appreciate the leisurely pace and patient anticipation that characterizes the sport.

Exploring Nature and Wildlife

Both hiking and fishing grant one the chance to see and interact with various forms of wildlife. It fosters an appreciation for the biodiversity that characterizes your new environment. Whether it’s coming across a rare bird or fish, or witnessing majestic sites in nature during a hike, these experiences can be gratifying and educating as well.

Creating Social Bonds

Hiking and fishing can provide excellent opportunities to expand one’s social circles. Joining hiking clubs or angling communities allows expats to meet like-minded locals and other expats, thereby overcoming feelings of isolation or homesickness. Shared experiences and common interests can create strong bonds and even lifelong friendships.  


A new country and culture can be overwhelming. But along with that, it also offers numerous opportunities, one of which is the unique outdoor experiences like hiking and fishing. These activities often go unnoticed but they have the potential to deeply enrich an expat’s living experience. Moreover, the benefits of hiking and fishing go beyond just entertainment. Herein lies the opportunity to embrace the local culture, improve physical and mental health, and create meaningful social bonds. As someone beginning their foray into the life of an expat, you must certainly not skip on these fulfilling experiences. You’ll find that this is a part of your journey towards feeling at home in your new place of residence.