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Top Job Choices For New Expats

top job choices for new expats


Are you getting ready to move overseas but worried about finding work in the new location? If that’s the case, you are not alone, as millions of expats scramble every year to set up shop in a foreign nation. For some, the experience is immensely challenging, but those who arrive with a plan of action are much better equipped to begin earning money right away.  What are the top job choices for new expats?




What are the most lucrative opportunities for working people who seek to bring in part-time or full-time income?

Fortunately, there are openings for those with a wide range of skills, from fleet management professionals and business coaches, to English tutors and immigration counselors. Even independent travel bloggers can build a steady, reliable stream of income if they spend enough time building up a customer base. On the IT side of things, anyone with up-to-date computer skills can usually find paying positions rather quickly, especially if they know how to fix and troubleshoot common PC problems. Consider the following opportunities if you are headed for a long-term stint overseas and want to earn a regular income while living there.


Fleet Management

Starting a small vehicle fleet can be the ideal way to earn cash while living abroad. Startup expenses include the cost of one or more trucks, advertising, and payroll for drivers. Income sources are virtually unlimited because the transport industry is in high demand wherever large numbers of people live and work. It’s essential to acquire an understanding of modern telematics devices and systems first.

Consider consulting a comprehensive guide defining telematics so you can operate your fleet as efficiently as possible. The modern marriage of information systems and telecommunications is at the heart of onboard systems in truck fleets. With universal internet access, people in any country can leverage the power of networks to operate fleet services. Telematics programs make it possible for owners to send and receive vast amounts of data between trucks and the home base in real time. That helps keep deliveries on time 24/7.


English Teaching

Those whose native language is English can find work almost anywhere they roam. This fact is particularly applicable in Asia, Africa, and the Middle East, where English is highly-prized as a business language that can advance someone’s career. Consider earning an online credential as a certified instructor. Most courses take a matter of a few weeks and don’t cost much. Then, work with an employment service in your destination country to find the best-paying jobs. Aim to combine in-person positions with a few online classes to keep your income streams as diversified as possible.


Immigrant Services

For US citizens who reside abroad, a unique business opportunity is to offer immigration-related services to foreign-born nationals who want to move to the United States. The kind of help your potential customers need is varied. Some need simple advice about how to fill out immigration applications. Others want more specific types of assistance with applying for long-term visas, finding jobs in the US, transferring their business headquarters, and more. While you don’t need to be a licensed paralegal or lawyer to do this work, it is essential to research the topic and acquire a basic understanding of what it takes to relocate a family, small company, or individual to the US.


Travel Blogging

Travel blogging is almost the perfect expatriate job for several reasons. First, you’re already on the scene, which makes it easy to explore new areas and review tourist destinations. Second, startup costs are negligible. Finally, even though it can take several months to develop a following, it’s possible to earn significant advertising revenue if you position and advertise the blog in the right way.


Computer Repair & Troubleshooting

IT skills are marketable almost anywhere in the world. That’s particularly true when it comes to hardware-related expertise like computer repair, laptop restoration, and similar tasks. The best thing about this expat opportunity is that anyone can pick up a certification in PC repair and troubleshooting before moving overseas. Even a few months of on-the-job experience with a repair company is enough to qualify you to set up a small business after moving to a foreign country. If you know your destination country, brush up on the local computer and IT protocols, special coding, and other unique aspects of the digital job market. Consider working with a job-finding service before or after departure. That way, it will be easier to build up a client base and develop an effective marketing plan for the new company after you settle down in your new home city.