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Social Media Can Prevent Approval Of Your Overseas Based Mortgage

According to Simon Conn, the overseas mortgage specialist, an increasing number of lenders and insurers are using online activity, including social media posts and profiles, to help them judge the suitability of applicants. So your social media profile can impact your credit rating and potential overseas based mortgage. Written by Simon Conn of Simon Conn Overseas...

Power of attorney

A Power Of Attorney Could Protect Your Overseas Property Purchase

Overseas property expert, Simon Conn, has reached out to his peers to comment on the importance of a Power of Attorney when protecting property and assets abroad, especially with Covid-19 ever present. Written by Simon Conn of Simon Conn Overseas Property and Finance With Brexit looming and the UK in its second official lockdown,...

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Where To Buy A Property Abroad In 2020

What are the prospects for the international property market in 2020.  Simon Conn has been an international mortgage broker for 40 years and sets out his view on which are the best places to buy in 2020. Written for Expat Network by Simon Conn In 2019 Simon Conn had a steady number of enquiries...