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Mental Health Concerns Of Those Working From Home – New Survey

Mental health is getting more attention these days and with more people working from home the impact on mental health is a concern.  Aetna International have carried out a survey to establish which health issues workers are most concerned about. The survey examines the perceptions of both employers and employees when it comes to corporate...

working from home

How To Make ‘Working From Home’ Work For You

Nothing beats having the freedom to create and be in control of your schedule. That is what working from home can do, among other benefits such as saving time and money on commutes. It also gives you the freedom to decide where you work, at home or sometimes abroad. Moreover, with the struggle to find...

take a workation

Take A Workation – Enjoy A New City While You Work!

Is it time for you to take a Workation? Working remotely, or indeed living a life as a digital nomad, are growing trends. This way of life is open to everyone with a digital career, not just footloose young freelancers and avocado-obsessed influencers.  This is why your team – in fact all digital teams –...