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Ums, Ahhs, Buts And Maybes…. Are QROPS Transfers Dead!?!?

Over the last 14 years we have seen many reforms in the pensions industry some for better, some for worse. One thing that does stand out is the human nature of wanting something we cannot have which exists in our everyday lives. Making difficult decisions in a timely manner has always been uneasy for us...

British GP

Get Access To A British GP Without Returning To The UK

Access to healthcare is a one of the uncertainties for British expats living in other EU countries, particularly if there is a no deal Brexit.  GP On Demand can give expats access to British qualified GPs to get the health advice they need. Written exclusively for Expat Network by Paul Barry, Managing Director of GP...


Sponsored: Sensible Pension Planning For Expats

Historically, in countries where there is no tax-driven, government-approved pension savings framework (most countries in the Middle East and Africa for example) expat workers have relied on ‘international pension plans’; in reality a marketing name for what is essentially a long term savings plan. By Paul Beard For a long time these were the only...